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Greenhome.com Launches "Home Greening" Initiative for Earth Day

April 22, 2004
San Francisco, CA -- Green Home Inc., (www.greenhome.com) the premier resource for environmentally preferable products and services on the Internet, today announced a brand new program for Earth Day called Green Home America.
"Greening the world is hard," says Green Home's President & CEO Lawrence Axil Comras. "Greening your home is easy," he explains. "And you home is actually the bridge between the personal and the planetary. If you want to change the world, start with your home and work out. If you want to green your own life, start with your home and work in".
The new program, officially kicking off at the SolFest Southwest Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, April 17th, where Mr. Comras will be a keynote speaker, encourages people to use less toxic and wasteful products in the home. The program emphasizes focusing on day-to-day little changes, and imbuing them with cosmic significance. "You're no longer just doing the dishes," says Mr. Comras, "You're saving the world".
EPA studies show that indoor air is 4 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, and unhealthful particulants offgassing from toxins in the home are 2.5 times more concentrated in indoor air than outdoor air. Green Home's Green Home, America program claims that by using natural, organic and sustainable products in the home, the home can be "greened" -- made healthier and more environmentally friendly.
"When you green your home, you're clearing out all the toxins and radiations, and allowing your home to become what it should be in this crazy world-- a place of healing and sanctuary," says Mr. Comras. Rather than focusing on one event per year, Green Home is aiming to give consumers the feel good effect of making Every Day Earth Day. Green Home already offers visitors a huge variety of stylish and useful products, from organic cotton bedding, towels, and clothing, to a salad set made from reclaimed wood. And because Green Home certifies each product's environmental claims, shoppers can be sure that the products are not only attractive and high quality, but also meet rigorous environmental, or green standards.
"There are high quality, inexpensive green alternatives for just about any product we use daily, and Green Home offers just about all of them under one roof". said Lawrence Comras, Green Home's CEO.
About Green Home
Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Green Home targets consumers interested in ecologically sound products and a healthy home environment. Green Home was founded in September 1998 and is a privately held company. Visit www.greenhome.com for more information.

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