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Have a Happy ThanksGreening Day

Posted on November 14, 2017 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

This Thanksgiving, step away from conventional choices and create your own Happy ThanksGreening Day. Sure, traditions are important but upgrading your traditions to fit into an ever changing planet is the perfect opportunity to make this and subsequent Thanksgivings full of Eco-friendly choices.

Once these smart and responsible green changes are implemented they can certainly become the new direction of how to approach celebrating all holidays. There is no need for waste or overconsumption when less is more and thanks is really thanks giving.

Scrubbing it Down

If this Thanksgiving is going to be held in your home then scrub it from top to bottom with non-toxic cleaning choices. Don’t leave toxic residue everywhere by using chemically laced products when instead your home can smell authentically fresh from botanically sourced citrus cleaners working with probiotic, active oxygen, and enzymatic formulas.

These non-toxic cleaning products have finally been manufactured to compete right alongside chemical cleaners. They are just as effective and much safer, so throw out your under the sink poisons and replace them with natural, all-purpose cleaners, disinfectants and deodorizers.

Setting the Stage

Once your home is naturally sparkling you’ll want to put together seating arrangements or a buffet style setup. Either way, to avoid unnecessary scrambling later, you’ll need to put out utensils, napkins, cups and other needed eating tools. So, rather than pull out your grandmother’s good China and stainless steel forks, knives and spoons why not go with compostable products this Thanksgiving instead.

You no longer have to worry about flimsy unaesthetic construction as these compostable utensils are made from sturdy leafware (100% natural, sustainable birch wood), bamboo, corn, tree compounds and sugar cane. By using compostable products you will perpetuate water conservation and a lower carbon footprint not to mention much saved energy normally used on cleanup which means more time for celebrating.

In addition, stay away from wasteful plastic or paper decorations and instead find colorful outdoor fall leaves and pinecones to scatter on the table for an authentic autumn vibe. You can also purchase some cinnamon sticks to gently boil on the stove right before your guests arrive to create a real, non-toxic holiday scent. Add in the all natural ambiance of beeswax candles and LED holiday lights for that earth friendly celebratory touch.

Hunting and Gathering

Planning the Thanksgiving meal is another opportunity to shift away from antiquated tradition and move into a whole new green approach.

Some things to remember when putting together your holiday menu include:

  • Shop local - Supporting local farms and mom-n-pop shops means less transport pollution.
  • Buy organic - Organic products support earth regeneration and overall health.
  • Use filtered tap water - No need to consume water flown across the globe or sold in wasteful glass or plastic containers.
  • Prepare and cook seasonal dishes - Using seasonal ingredients and your own preparatory hand means controlling waste and excess while enhancing healthy choices. Don’t choose expensive, exotic foods that come with a high carbon footprint and instead stick to local organic fare.


In addition to recycling, set up a compost bin this Thanksgiving so your organic waste is utilized. You can go all out with a full garden compost setup or if you live in an urban dwelling choose from an array of indoor composting products. These may include a kitchen compost pail, pyramid composter, spin bin or earth tea brewer.

If composting is not possible for your situation then look into local compost collectives that are continually popping up cities and towns alike. Usually found at a local farmer’s market or municipal site, you can bring all your saved organic material to drop off at these locations and do your part to reduce the ever growing food waste epidemic.


This Thanksgiving can be your ThanksGreening to celebrate what is really the most important part of the holiday season, friends, family and earth.

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