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Greening Your Business Vehicles

Posted on August 1, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Many businesses rely on transport vehicles for business travel as well as deliveries. Whether it is one car or a fleet of vans, trucks or boats greening your business, vehicles can put more coin in your pocket and less pollution in the air.

There are many minor to major adjustments you can make to your business vehicles which are often simple, inexpensive and/or innovative enough for significant, beneficial change.

Speed Incentives

Driving at high speeds is dangerous and it guzzles more fossil fuels which costs you money and adds to global warming. There are several different applications you can make to a vehicle for sticking to posted speed limits. Some insurance companies offer a device installment that reports excessive speed as well as built in car adjustments such as automatic radio volume reduction attached to speeding.

If none of these are available then business employees should be briefed on reducing speed. Sometimes, even a cash or other bonus incentive can go a long way to help employees slow down for safety and the planet.

Blow It Up

Tire pressure is essential when it comes to saving gasoline and protecting the environment. For the proper pounds per square inch (PSI) look inside the driver’s door of your vehicle for a recommended PSI level sticker from the car manufacturer.

  • Tire pressure can lose one to two PSI per month which if unchecked could cause a loss of approximately 23.1 MPG
  • Fluctuating temperatures can affect your tire pressure daily. Make a point of checking tire pressure each morning.
  • Seasonal swings can also cause a drop in PSI due to temperature, inclement weather challenges and general wear and tear.

Keep an eye on your business vehicle’s tire pressure to save big over time.

Map It

Reducing fossil fuel emissions can also be implemented by mapping routes. If your business vehicles are on the road all day, see if you might be able to map out optimal paths to avoid repeat driving. You can even go as far as re-setting vehicle odometers each day to log mileage.

With this info you can determine travel productivity and how it may be affecting your bottom line regarding excessive gas and maintenance expenses.

Keep it Light

Unnecessary material in a vehicle adds to weight drag. Check your business cars and trucks to keep them from transporting excessive junk. This is also good practice for safety as flying debris in the event of a short stop or accident can injure passengers.

Tuneup and Air Filters

Keeping your business vehicles tuned up regularly means money and environmental savings in the long run. However, most vehicle maintenance neglects adequately replacing air filters. Whether it is a residential owner or a small business fleet, when the air filter is clean, gas mileage is beneficially affected.

Currently there are many innovative green additions to the automotive industry with one being a soy-based air filter that outperforms conventional ones. ScienceDaily reports that,

“Washington State University researchers have developed a soy-based air filter that can capture toxic chemicals, such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde, which current air filters can’t...Typical air filters, which are usually made of micron-sized fibers of synthetic plastics, physically filter the small particles but aren't able to chemically capture gaseous molecules. Furthermore, they're most often made of glass and petroleum products, which leads to secondary pollution,...Soy contains a large number of functional chemical groups -- it includes 18 types of amino groups. Each of the chemical groups has the potential to capture passing pollution at the molecular level.”

Greening your business vehicles means sticking to scheduled maintenance. Keep up with tune-ups and replace your filters once a year or every six months if driven on urban streets often.

Green Fleet Checklist

If you want to green your business vehicle(s) these are a few more tips abbreviated from Eco-friendly tech company IOXIS to consider:

  • Alcohol blends - The energy it takes to create an alcohol blend is more than conventional gas refinement. No need to go out of your way.
  • Hybrids - Purchasing a hybrid vehicle includes an internal combustion engine that works with a battery bank or fuel cell. These elements work together to capture and re-use energy that would otherwise be wasted, such as the heat created by a car’s braking system.
  • Ultra-capacitors - To improve a vehicles’ energy storage capabilities ultra-capacitors are much more efficient at recapturing energy than a battery. For example, an ultra-capacitor has a 95-98 percent round-trip efficiency, compared to the 60-80 percent of various battery types. This translates into more energy stored, faster, to use for re-launching the vehicle, which saves fuel.
  • Green automotive supply chain - Automotive components should be designed with energy conservation in mind and with environmentally safe products. For example, ultra-capacitors are over 95 percent recyclable and RoHS [Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive] compliant; no heavy metals and very environmentally friendly. Some batteries, such as Lithium Ion, are very difficult to recycle with a low percentage of recoverable materials, some of which are environmentally damaging.


Greening your business vehicles only takes some simple adjustments to save money and support Eco-friendly practices. Try these for a month or so and compare your cost savings then take a look at creating a green office as well. Your bottom line and the environment will thank you.

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