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Greenhome Survives "Dot-Bomb" (June 22, 2003)

June 22, 2003
San Francisco, CA
Greenhome.com survives "dot bomb" internet meltdown.
Fifth Earth Day On Line for "Environmental Superstore" Web pioneer!
Green Home Inc., (www.greenhome.com) the premier resource for environmentally preferable products and services on the Internet, today announced their continued existence, which Web analysts describe as nothing short of miraculous.
A few years ago, you could log on to the Internet and find a veritable slew of Web sites trying to sell only ecological products or to promote environmentalism to consumers: greenhome.com, verde.com, shopeco.com, go-green.com, liferover.com, wholepeople.com, greenmarketplace.com, sustainabilitysoruce.com, & etc. They're all out of business, except for Green Home. In a hostile retail climate, which is only tougher for on line stores, and tougher still for environmentally oriented ones, Green Home has survived, and is actually starting to flourish.
Green Home was just selected by E Magazine, the biggest environmental magazine in US, and the Green Restaurant Association (GRA) to be their on line store! E Magazine, a "fair broker" in the world of environmental news reporting, is the most credible, respected environmental magazine in the country. This is the first such partnership between a magazine and a retail establishment. "Nobody has the integrity of Green Home, and we just got tired not being able to offer our readers the opportunity to act on their good intentions," said Karen Soucy, Editorial Director.
Michael Oshman, the founder of GRA remarked, "We searched high and low to find a partner that had a rigorous screen for what products they carried, and only Green Home had one."
In addition, Green Home has received endorsements from Environmental Defense, the Earth Charter USA, and receives the support of The Green Guide institute.
How did we do it?

  • we're all heart
  • we survived on volunteer labor
  • we had deep green roots
  • we put almost all our angel money into defining green, developing a product approval policy
  • only "store" to be endorsed by environmental defense
  • unique business model, unprecedented for dot com, sharing the wealth
  • now begining to cross over from a for profit, to beign a non-profit
  • getting picked by all these orgs to be their back end store, a "plug and play" resource
  • helps people already going to other places to easily act on their good intentions
  • higher goal than just stay in business: trying to create market for sustainability

"We're the dot com that survived by not being a dot com!" says founder and President Lawrence Comras.
About Green Home
Green Home, Inc., is the premier online resource for consumers interested in environmentally conscious living. Green Home provides information, products and services that promote a healthier, more ecologically sound home environment. Currently, www.greenhome.com offers more than 1,000 products in over 150 categories. Useful information and articles written by the country's leading authors and experts in the areas of healthy and environmental living are featured in Green Living, Green Home's new online magazine launching Earth Day, 2002. Headquarted in San Francisco, CA, Green Home was founded in September 1998 and is a privately held company. Visit www.greenhome.com for more information.

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Green Home is the original online ecostore, based in San Francisco, California, in the heart of both the environmental and cleantech industries. Since 1999 Greenhome.com has played its part as one of the most comprehensive online resources for greening your home and greening your business. Our company is on a mission to green the world, one person (and one business) at a time. While all of our products are eco-friendly, we are especially passionate about compostable plates, cups, bowls, cutlery & utensils, take out containers and bags.  If more businesses and individuals switched from disposable to compostable we could make a real impact on the world!

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