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Greenhome Profiles: Yemm & Hart

Posted on June 15, 2015 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Yemm and Hart make it their business to produce quality, green-friendly products through a hands-on, small company operation located in the wilds of Missouri. Founders, business partners, and environmentalists, Stephen and Deborah Hart Yemm began Y&H to "explore taking the manufacturing processes into more modern methods utilizing computerized technologies."  It was an unexpected visit that catapulted them to their green status level.

An Offer They Could Not Refuse

Along their business journey Stephen and Deborah were approached by a Missouri State economic specialist asking if they were capable of producing furniture from recycled plastic.

Being the professional, environmental and personal innovators that they are, it was only a matter of time before the inception of an alternative production choice morphed into full swing. So much so that today they offer 50 different color choices of various products derived from "100% post-consumer plastic resin, primarily #2 HDPE."

Some of Y&H Wares

100% recycled plastic clipboard.Two Y&H products that Greenhome carries are the 100% recycled plastic cutting board and the 100% recycled plastic clipboard.

The cutting board is scratch resistant with assured durability and the clipboard is sturdy enough for all projects complete with a euro-type holding clip. Both are offered in a variety of multi-color designs and no two are exactly alike making for a unique, one-of-a-kind, super Eco-friendly purchase.

Other products offered by Y&H include a variety of wine cork tiles, green partitions, and award plaques.

They Do Things Differently

Other companies also offer recycled products but it is the unique Y&H process that puts specific, even custom made, touches on every Eco-friendly product they offer.

What makes Y&H different from many other companies is described here,

"Our process – compression molding - allows for certain unusual possibilities including the introduction of non-plastic materials like paper with text printed on it for a library project.  Because it is not a high volume process, we are able to honor certain “custom” requests that would be difficult to place or obtain because most plastics production is high volume.”

Keeping it Real

Y&H attempt to remain green on many fronts including LED lighting, on-site composting, rainwater diversion and a work-from-home commitment to reduce their otherwise commuter carbon footprint.

Other ways Y&H make their Eco-mark on the world outside of their green products is through local projects such as:

  • Stewarding a 500 acre forest employing lots of tree planting (so far upwards of 25,000 seedlings planted) with no usage of herbicides or pesticides.
  • Returning local pastureland to forest
  • Protecting the local watershed from erosion
  • Volunteering annually to do special frog & toad breeding call counts with 3 runs and data that is contributed to a national database.
  • Early members of the State of Missouri’s Stream Team program, monitoring the 3 streams running through their woodland property, known as the Yemm Forest Preserve.


It is small businesses like Yemm and Hart that Greenhome is proud to continue to not only do business with but to also partner with in keeping it green. Look for more Greenhome profiles that honor other businesses that follow their unique, authentic Eco-friendly path.

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