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Green Home, Inc. Joins with Care2 for a Green 2001 Holiday Season (December 06, 2001)

December 06, 2001
San Francisco, CA.
Green Home Inc., (www.greenhome.com) the premier resource for environmentally preferable products and services on the Internet, today announced that they signed a two year partnership with Care2, Inc. of Menlo Park, CA, to offer a unified storefront to consumers just in time for the holiday gift giving season. Research has shown that over 61% of consumers express a preference for environmentally friendly, or "green", products -- those that are less toxic, save energy, or conserve resources, and often work better than mainstream equivalents.
Under terms of the agreement, Green Home will be featured on the Care2 website (www.care2.com) as the preferred shopping vendor, providing their entire range of products to the Care2 audience. An environmental superstore, the Green Home website features more than a thousand products across 150 categories as well as services.
"By joining Care2, Green Home will be able to provide users with healthier and earth-friendly gift alternatives this holiday season" stated Green Home CEO and President, Lawrence Comras. "Virtually every consumer product on the market today has an environmentally preferable alternative. This holiday season Green Home is featuring the best of the stylish and fun gift ideas in that category."
The Green Home website has an extensive educational aspect as well, including detailed articles written by leading authors and experts in the areas of healthy living and environmentalism. An online home walk through illustrates how consumers can check various safety factors, such as radon in the basement, water quality in the kitchen, safe paint and materials found in a typical house.
"We're thrilled to have Green Home as our new Co-Branded Store" says Randy Paynter, Care2 President and CEO. "We value their integrity and deep understanding of what qualifies a product as 'green' as much as the fantastic products themselves!"
Green Home screens products through a proprietary product and service approval process, aggregating existing certification seals in combination with an in-house advisory board made up of leaders from the environmental community, scientists, green marketing experts, and representatives from green businesses. These resources enable Green Home to guarantee its products and services are truly green as well as being on a par with competitive, non-green products.
The U.S. market potential for green consumer products is estimated to exceed $30 billion by the year 2002, according to independent research commissioned by Green Home.
About Green Home
Green Home, Inc., is the premier online resource for consumers interested in environmentally conscious living. Green Home provides information, products and services that promote a healthier, more ecologically sound home environment. Currently, www.greenhome.com offers more than 1,000 products in over 150 categories. Useful information and articles written by the country's leading authors and experts in the areas of healthy and environmental living are also featured. Headquarted in San Francisco, CA, Green Home was founded in September 1998 and is a privately held company. Visit www.greenhome.com for more information.
About Care2.com
Care2.com is the largest Environmental Network bringing together Consumers, Nonprofit Organizations and Eco-Oriented Business. With more than 1.7 million members, Care2.com has become the premier site on the internet for people who Care2 help the environment and lead a healthier lifestyle. By donating 10% of revenues to leading environmental non-profit organizations and designing specific action-oriented campaigns, the Care2 Network provides a simple, yet effective way to protect and preserve the environment with every visit to Care2.com. Care2.com supports top environmental organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense, Wildlife Conservation Society, National Wildlife Federation, Defenders of Wildlife, and World Wildlife Fund. Care2.com was founded in September 1998 and is a privately held company.

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