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Green Your Pets

Posted on November 1, 2016 by Rachel Tardif There have been 0 comments

For most of us pets are part of the family, but it's easy to overlook your dog or cat when it comes making your home eco-friendly. To help keep your pets safe, happy, and healthy, follow these simple guidelines for greening your pet.

Manage Pet Waste

Compost pet poo

Most pet waste ends up taking up space in landfills, but you can easily make use of all that waste with a pet compost bin. Pet waste shouldn’t be mixed with regular compost like table scraps and lawn clippings – the temperature in a compost bin won’t rise high enough to destroy the bacteria and pathogens found in feces. Instead, start a separate pet waste composter designed specifically for pet waste.

Use biodegradable bags

If you’re going to dispose of pet waste, be sure to use biodegradable dog waste bags in order to keep plastics out of landfills.

Avoid clumping cat litter

Regular cat litter uses sodium bentonite, sometimes referred to as a “natural clay,” as the main clumping agent. Sodium bentonite is collected from strip mining, which causes extensive environmental damage, and there have been claims that it is hazardous to pets when ingested. Alternatives include litters made from recycled newspaper, wheat, pine, or corn.

Feed Your Pet Well

Use eco-friendly bowls

Avoid non-biodegradable plastics that can leach toxic chemicals like BPA and phthalates into your pet’s food or water. Instead, opt for bowls made from metal or recycled materials.

Go organic

Regular pet foods are made from low-quality meats and contain large amounts of grain filler that provide poor nutrition for your pet. There are also a range of additives found in common pet food brands, including pesticides from produce, hormones and antibiotics from meats, and chemical preservatives. To ensure that your pets are getting all the nutrition they need without compromising their health, feed them USDA certified organic pet foods. If you decide you want to make your own pet food, be sure to talk with your veterinarian about the right balance of nutrients for your animal.

Recycle and compost

Take the same care with your pet’s trash that you do with your own: look for food that comes in eco-friendly, recyclable containers and compost any leftover food your dog or cat leaves behind.

Keep Your Pets Happy

Buy sustainable collars and leashes

Your dog or cat will have a collar her whole life, so make sure you buy one that’s comfortable, durable, and eco-friendly. Greenhome.com carries hemp dog collars as well as collars made from recycled climbing rope. Also look for hemp leashes and cozy hemp harnesses.

Give them comfy, non-toxic beds

Keep your dog comfortable in a eco-friendly dog bed. Shop Greenhome's options which include organic cotton dog beds, a hypo-allergenic bed made from recycled materials, or a bed cover made from recycled sailcloth.

Entertain with eco-friendly toys

Dogs and cats love to play, so keep them happy with non-toxic, environmentally-friendly toys. Look for chew toys made from recycled plastics that are free of dangerous BPA and stuffed toys made from wool or other natural fibers. It’s also easy to grow your own catnip.

Keep Your Pets Clean and Healthy

Clean green

Pet hair and dander are common sources of allergies, so you’ll want to be sure to keep your pets clean and brushed. You can protect your pets and the environment by using an eco-friendly pet shampoo and conditioner that is free from hazardous petroleum distillates, volatile organic compounds, and environment-damaging phosphates.

Avoid harsh cleaners

Even the best behaved pets sometimes leave behind messes, so keep environmentally-friendly cleaners on hand. Enzyme cleaners are especially good at removing pet stains and odors – the enzymes will actually digest the organic material instead of just covering up the smell. Use enzyme-based fabric spray and floor cleaner to keep your home spotless and safe.

Melt ice naturally

The rock salt commonly used to melt snow and ice on sidewalks and roads can be damaging to the digestive system of pets and can cause burns on their paws, so be sure to use natural, pet-friendly alternatives around your home.

Be An Animal Lover

Spay or neuter all your pets

An estimated 3 to 4 million animals are euthanized every year, so prevent the suffering of unwanted pets by having yours spayed or neutered.

ID your pets

Even if your pets stay indoors you’ll want to make sure they have collars or GPS chips that will help you track them down if they get lost. You’ll save time, worry, and resources when your pets can be easily returned to you.


If you’re looking for a new cat or dog, there’s no better place to look than your local shelter—no matter where you live, your local shelter is likely to have unwanted animals you can give a new home. No matter where you get your new pet, though, be sure to investigate where he or she is coming from, and avoid large pet stores chains if you can—many of them keep their breeding animals in cramped, inhuman conditions.

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