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Green Your Bath into an Eco-friendly Spa

Posted on July 27, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Take a moment to evaluate your bathroom. It probably looks fine. However, with a little sustainable ingenuity, you can green your bath into an Eco-friendly spa. That’s right, a whole new vibe to your lifeless lavatory that will change your experience into a serene sanctuary of solitude.

Start Slow

Switching out antiquated bathroom fixtures can be aesthetically pleasing, however choosing products that not only look good but save resources is a win-win. If you don’t have the coin to do an entire makeover, then start slow and over time your bathroom will certainly reap some eye-pleasing, as well as sustainable rewards.

Low Flow Toilet

Start your Eco-friendly bath and spa makeover with a water saving toilet.

Conventional toilets use approximately 5-7 gallons of water per flush which can amount to about 27% of water consumed in your home. Choose a low-flow option instead. These toilets are no longer compromised by subpar performance, often requiring extra flushes to clear debris. Technology has finally advanced low-flow models with dual flushing options and a powerful response that can save put to 5.5 gallons per flush. Once you swap out your toilet, switch to a low flow shower head and faucets.

If you’re not ready for a new toilet but you want to conserve as much water as possible, place a brick; one or two liter bottle filled with sand; or any other non-degrading item into your toilet tank to offset some of the water that would have otherwise filled the space.

Dim It

Avoid harsh lighting. Changing your bathroom light bulbs to softer LED bulbs brings less glare and more flare. These bulbs can be expensive but offer a real bang for your buck. Benefits of LED bulbs include:

  • Long operational life - LED’s last approximately 100,000 hours. That’s 11 to 22 years (depending on use) of never replacing a bulb. (Incandescent bulbs last 800-1500 hours)
  • No heat or glare - These bulbs will not emit high heat or annoying glare making for the perfect spa atmosphere.
  • Dimming Dynamic - Add a dimmer into your bathroom spa as these bulbs can easily handle the energy fluctuation creating a serene, relaxing hue.
  • Save Coin - LED bulbs will save money, energy, natural resources, and unnecessary waste.

Walk the Walk

Give your bathroom a boost with a bamboo eco-flooring replacement or mat. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet and adding this ancient material to your bathroom floor screams spa all the way.

Bamboo is resilient enough to withstand temperature and moisture fluctuations plus it feels relaxing just to walk on! Add in bamboo shelving for that spa feel that climbs right up the wall.

Paper Power

Your choice of bathroom paper products can be highly wasteful and extremely damaging to the planet. Recent statistics as reported by Better Planet Paper cites “83 million rolls of toilet paper are produced per day consuming 27,000 trees daily.”

Supply your green bathroom spa with toilet paper and tissues made from recycled material, bamboo or even bagasse (sugar cane).

Flickering Ambiance

Adding the serene atmosphere of candles to your bathroom really tops off the spa vibe. There are many candles to choose from but those made from soy, vegetable oils or beeswax are the most Eco-friendly. This is because when they burn they will not emit VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), which you do not you want in your green bathroom spa. Plus, these candles are infused with natural essential oils for a non-toxic, safe and pleasant smelling aroma.

If you’re not comfortable with an open flame, try battery or rechargeable powered candles. These are so well constructed you’ll easily be fooled by the same ambiance a conventional candle would emit.

Green Scents

Cleaning your bathroom with non-toxic cleaners tops off a green spa makeover. These cleaners are also infused with essential oils that get the job done. They are not only just as comparable to conventional brands but they won’t leave a filmy, synthetic, toxic residue that smells more like chemicals than fresh lemon, orange or grapefruit.

Also, try adding one or more essential oil diffusers to your bathroom. This will replace landfill plastics from plug-in or stand-alone chemically enhanced deodorizers.

Clean Your Products

Once your Eco-spa bathroom is complete, fill it with non-toxic shampoos, soaps and other health and beauty products. These are made from the finest natural materials with short ingredient lists that will have your hair, skin and overall mental mood shining like the well scrubbed tree hugger you should be.


Greening your bath into an Eco-friendly spa can be easy and inexpensive. All it takes is some simple changes that will lift up your commode connection like you have never experienced before.

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