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Green Toys Are Better

Posted on July 23, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

The more that plastic infiltrates not only our environment but our bodies as well, finding alternatives is more important than ever. This is highly concerning when it comes to children’s toys which have shown to be more toxic than anyone ever thought, particularly those manufactured overseas.

Conventional toys are often covered in toxic packaging, dyes, paints, and easily ingested plastic ingredients. This includes high concentrations of hazardous elements like barium, bromine, cadmium, chromium, lead and selenium. Safety organizations will tell you that these hazards are minimal and that most toys are safe. However, what they don’t tell you is that exposure to these and other chemicals found in toys may be safe enough in small doses, but that those small doses accumulate over time. This accumulation is something that builds in a child’s system and when they are beyond childhood, these toxins can be so embedded they create a veritable breeding ground for future health challenges that can range from minor afflictions to deadly cancers.

Choosing the safety and environmentally friendly benefits of green toys gives your child a fighting chance rather than starting out life at a disadvantage.

Parents Step Up

Consumers are realizing that they no longer need to succumb to flashy, trendy advertising when it comes to children’s toys. Instead, the demand for more safe, quality components are forcing the industry to change.

Cameron Passmore, director of marketing and sales operations for the company Green Toys, a USA made organization, commented,

“Parents are starting to look at toys the way they do with food — they want to know what's in them, they want to know where they come from — and in terms of transparency and quality of materials and transparency of the supply chain, we feel we can compete with anyone.”

American Transition

In 2014 it was difficult to find Eco-friendly toys in the American market. Some consumers would report finding more choices overseas. Melissa Beese, founder of Little Pnuts a subscription toy delivery service specializing in organic and sustainable toys commented,

“I'd walk into toy stores and there would be one battery-operated toy after another. Luckily, both my mother and husband are from Germany, so when we would visit, I'd always end up bringing a second suitcase to fill with the eco-friendly, wooden toys we'd find there.”

The company Green Toys creates BPA and phthalate free toys made from recycled milk jugs and other recycled plastics such as yogurt cups. All products are made in the USA which supports domestic manufacturing that enables a tight local supply chain. This reduces greenhouse gases emissions, diverts material from landfills and creates non-toxic food-safe toys and tableware tested throughout every stage of production to meet and often exceed all relevant safety standards.

The process that Green Toys implements is described here:

“All the plastic is collected by waste management, cleaned, shredded into flakes, reprocessed into our raw material, and mixed with food-safe, mineral-based coloring. We test our products at every step along the way from the recycled plastic material to finished product to ensure the safest products for your kids.”

Take Your Law into Your Own Hands

As the outcry for safer children’s toys continues to hold companies accountable, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has attempted a fix. In 2017, the CPSC voted to issue a final rule prohibiting children’s toys and child care articles from containing more than 0.1 percent of certain phthalate chemicals. These toys are stamped with a CE mark which alerts the consumer that it is a toy that has adhered to the CPSC rule.

However, implementing such rules and stamping toys doesn’t always mean it is safe because after all it is just a rule, not a law. The amount of resources needed to oversee these production standards are just too thin to be able to cover all manufacturing. Therefore, even though it is a good attempt, purchasing green toys on your own terms is probably a better move. Take your own law into your own hands and choose your children’s toys wisely.


When it comes to toys and games you want to incorporate into your child’s life, peace of mind is the ultimate choice. Stay away from virgin plastics, volatile organic compound (VOC) paints and dyes as well as unknown, non-transparent sources. Instead, embrace green toys you can trust by taking the time to research companies and products that meet your personal standards of health, safety and environmental support.

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