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Green Tank, the Shark Tank of Entrepreneur Rebels

Posted on June 13, 2017 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

The popular television program ‘Shark Tank’ brings innovation and business investing into one exciting experience. Even though most of the “sharks,” the show’s cast of billionaire investors, are open to new ideas it is one’s like Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’Leary) who simply tout the need for greed regardless of the huge carbon footprint that may entail. Now, the rising Millennial entrepreneur is combining Shark Tank savvy with an ethical attitude that finally goes from the ‘Me Generation’ to the ‘We Generation’.

Create your own ‘Green Tank’ that combines sustainable, socially conscious, energy efficient thinking with deep pockets that also want to make a difference.

Break the Rules

As a green entrepreneur, playing the game of conventional business model needs to be broken. This means that the first rule, ‘bottom line over all,’ should go down a few notches on the list and be replaced with the following:

  • Validating the green consumer
  • Embracing manufacturer to consumer transparency
  • Eco-Educating and selling door to door, office to office
  • Stepping on conventional toes with facts
  • Turning away non-green vendors no matter what
  • Walk the walk: Live green, work green

Some rule breaking may border on illegal or rude so don’t cross over that line or you risk discrediting yourself and your green plan. Instead, things like not being afraid to say no and mocking ridicule with real stats will rise you up to the level of rebel green entrepreneur that may get investor attention and respect.

Choose Wisely

On Shark Tank it is easy to see the greedy brain wheels turning in contestant’s minds where inevitably they hand over their lifelong dream just for cash. Yet, once in a while there are those that stick to their mission and hold out even if it means losing an investor.

As a green rebel entrepreneur you can attract like minded partners to bring your Eco-fantastic idea to fruition. According to Dave Chen, CEO of Equilibrium Capital an asset management platform that finds and funds environmentally and socially beneficial practices,

“Sustainability is becoming just the way business is done,” and in response to a report by Entrepreneur that stated, “In earlier decades, quality in manufacturing went from being an added cost to a competitive advantage,” Chen said, “sustainability is on this very same path.”

Make It Necessary

As the environmentally friendly movement continues to remain under threat of being considerably regressed by current political ignorance, it is more important than ever to create your own Green Tank investing platform.

Making your mission necessary means not only does an investor get to hand over and hopefully make back their capital but receives the added benefit of supporting practices such as USA made products, ecologically balanced objectives and wildlife saving applications. Not to mention potentially alleviating various health sensitive issues which may be the result of toxic products that a green investment could remedy.

Green Rebel Entrepreneur Ideas

To take on the green market means to start your own idea of what you think would be something that feels like an organic move rather than just a money making one. Of course, you’ll need to make a living but if it isn’t close to your heart then it will probably be a lot more labor than love.

Here are a few green start-up ideas:

  • Green Beauty Salon
  • Eco-Friendly Event Planning
  • Chemical-Free House Cleaning
  • Sustainable, Planet-Friendly Franchises
  • Environmentally Conscious Waste Management
  • Sustainable Construction materials that include bamboo and hemp


If you are a Shark Tank fan or just want backers for your earth-friendly idea, create your own Green Tank of likeminded investors that will get it, before they reject it. There’s a lot more out there than you think so get going and make an Eco-friendly difference.

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