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Green Student Tips

Posted on March 12, 2019 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

So many of us are trying to make it a greener world for the next generation. Educating and setting an example for children, teens and young adults alike is certainly an essential mission. Yet, many of these young people neglect to do their part when it comes to embracing a green protocol no matter how many times they are reminded. Making sure that in-home practices are adhered to is one thing but when kids go off to school it may be a different story. Not being under the discerning eye of parents can swiftly turn Eco-friendly opportunities on a school campus into more of a joke than a crucial application toward green practices.

These green student tips offer some simple ways to implement daily, green, in-school habits which can and will make a difference for each young generation. With patience and a little creativity you just may be able to get these kids to step up and take the Eco-friendly helm.

International Walk To School Day

International Walk To School Day is an awareness event that reminds students and parents alike of the significant benefits of walking or biking to school. This year it will take place on Wednesday, October 2, 2019, and can be announced with an assembly or public gathering for an important teaching moment.

If a student takes the bus it might be arranged that participants are dropped off near the school to meet parents or guardians and walk the rest of the way. It is more of a symbol to get young minds thinking beyond their digital distractions. Interested students can conduct experiments that compare walking or biking to fossil fuel usage. Also, other experiments are encouraged to open minds and hearts when it comes to a sustainable planet.

Recycling Club

Kids love clubs and organizations so if your elementary, middle, high school or college campus does not already have a recycling club, why not start one now? This is another opportunity to get kids and young adults thinking of their impact and what they can do about it.

Start by assigning club members to:

  • Create recycling posters to display around the school
  • Inform students of Eco-friendly and recyclable lunch supplies
  • Broadcast the latest in recycling attempts and technology over morning announcements
  • Hold recycling outings like chaperoned and sponsored highway, park, or beach cleanup
  • ‘Lunch recycling’ days to collect or direct student’s recyclables to the proper receptacles

Once a group turns into a club that creates action not just meetings it makes it feel more reputable and may outlast previous green student attempts.

Student Solar Cookout 

What can be more fun than using solar in real-time by sponsoring a student solar cookout? Kids can enjoy barbecued food all made without burning fossil fuels or using electricity. Solar powered ‘ovens’ can be easily constructed using cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, rocks, sticks, and other materials.

Teaching the perpetual power of the sun and how we can utilize it for not only heating homes but cooking as well, should certainly pique young minds.

Eco-Friendly Reality Tour

Teaching environmentally friendly practices is all well and good but when students can experience a hands-on approach (such as solar cooking, recycling, or walking) it can make a world of difference. This includes setting up an Eco-friendly reality tour that puts students front and center at the many different organizations making a difference for the planet.

Some reality tours might include visiting a:

  • Recycling Center
  • Organic Farm
  • Local Landfill
  • Composting Depot

Birdhouses, Composting and More

Embracing the environment around a school offers a daily reminder of how students can make a difference on-site. One is creating a group to build birdhouses to support local wildlife. Another is a composting club that sets up and maintains compost bins. This compost soil can fertilize a school garden or be sold to local farms or nurseries with the money going toward Eco-friendly programs. If under the right supervision, starting a bee apiary can be an excellent project that will enhance local pollination and increase the bee population which is essential to human and planetary health.


These green student tips are a few Eco-friendly ideas you may be able to implement into a child’s life to support a brighter future all around. It is essential to utilize the foundation of youth which is the only chance at propelling a rapid momentum needed to save our planet.


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