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Greenhome.com Hosts Gathering of Country's Top "Green" Product Experts (February 18, 2000)

February 18, 2000
Seminar's Aim: Define Online Market for Green Products and Services
San Francisco, California - February 25 through 27, Greenhome.com -- an Internet startup soon-to-be selling environmentally friendly, or "green" products and services for the home -- will host a seminar bringing together the country's leading experts on qualifying green products and services.
The seminar's goal is to refine the company's strategy for marketing green products and services to a mainstream audience. The market for environmentally friendly green merchandise is currently estimated to be anywhere between $5 and $25 billion, but studies indicate the potential is even greater. A recent Wall Street Journal article reports that close to 80% of Americans would prefer to buy green products if given the choice, yet green penetration in most markets is typically less than 1%.
"The market remains underdeveloped because people either cannot find these products or don't trust their environmental claims" said Green Home President and Founder Lawrence Comras. "Our strategy is to figure out what "green" means for the average American consumer and then provide products that live up to the concept."
Jonathan Steuer, a senior strategist for San Francisco's Scient Corporation, confirmed the growth of this market segment and Green Home's ability to capture it, saying "Green Home is defining green in a way that consumers will come to recognize and rely on."
Seminar participants will include Linda Brown, Vice-President of Scientific Certification Systems, the largest independent environmental products testing laboratory; Linda Mason Hunter, author of The Healthy Home, one of the best-selling books on detoxifying the home; Christie Graham, Director of The Green Resource Center in Berkeley, CA, a leading non-profit green information clearinghouse; John Greenburg, President of GreenCo., one of the largest wholesalers of green consumer general merchandise, and others.
About Green Home: We're a solution provider for green living. We offer a complete line of non-toxic, environmentally preferred alternatives to the products and services American families use and depend upon every day. Our catalog is available on an easy-to-use, information-rich web site, which will be launching soon.
The three-day Green Home seminar will be held at Green Home headquarters: 850 24th Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94121.
Selected members of the press are invited to visit with the seminar attendees at a dinner party and reception on Saturday, February 26 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

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