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Green Home's Biodegradable Bay Campaign

May 19, 2005
Mission: to persuade all food service operations in the bay area to abandon the use of Styrofoam and styrene food service supplies in favor of compostable food service supplies made from a number of earth-friendly materials, such as bioplastics, sugarbeet pulp, and recycled paper.
Campaign: a coordinated effort that includes PR, community outreach, collaboration with municipal government and services.
PR - press releases and news worthy events, including press release launching Biodegradable Bay campaign, press releases and news events surrounding various community outreach venues, and press releases about various notable successes. Media coverage will also be generated through TV and radio news spots reporting on the campaign, green product comparisons, etc.
Outreach - community outreach will take three forms, "Green-ins" and restaurant outreach, and website. The "green-ins", or green teach-ins, will that take place at popular take-out food venues, such as the Farmer's Market, Union Square, Crissy Field picnic area, etc. Green Home team members will educate food vendors and lunchers/picnicers about the benefits of using compostable supplies and will collect compostable waste. They will work with local waste management companies to help venue managers to collect compostable waste.
The second method of outreach will include direct canvassing of food service operators, providing owners and managers with information about green alternatives and information about obtaining them. Food service operations that convert to using compostables, will receive signage to make patrons aware that they are participating in the program. Key targets include restaurants, public venues, café and cafeteria operators on municipal government property, and corporate cafeterias.
Restaurants that participate will be listed on a special website, will be featured in press releases, and will be promoted through PSAs. The public will be encouraged to patronize participating restaurants through various various communications channels, including PSAs, waste management company newsletters, city government programs, and grassroots coalition building with local environmentally aligned groups.
Govt./services collaboration - Green Home will enlist the support and cooperation of city government through appropriate departments and existing programs, as well as municipal service providers, such as Sunset Scavenger, etc.

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