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Green Home Takes the Trash Out of Earth Day

April 22, 2005
San Francisco, CA.
What do an air force base, a zoo and Earth Day Topanga have in common? Instead of generating tons of waste in the form of Styrofoam food containers, polystyrene forks, and paper napkins at their Earth Day events, they used compostable plates, cups, and utensils which will eventually end up, not in the landfill, but in rich soil amendments used by local organic farms. They joined hundreds of Earth Day events across the country who were touched by Green Home.s Greening Earth Day Campaign and opted to avoid conventional food service items in favor of utensils made from corn, bowls made from sugar beet pulp, and plates made from unbleached, recycled paper.
"I think we talked to just about every Earth Day in the country," said Green Home CEO, Lawrence Comras. "We felt it was important for schools, communities, and event organizers to know that they can do more than promote green values, but can actually demonstrate them in practical ways".
Green Home Inc., (www.greenhome.com) the premier resource for environmentally preferred products and services on the Internet, launched its Greening Earth Day Campaign on April 1st. The Greening Earth Day Campaign aimed to eliminate the use of Styrofoam and other environmentally harmful food service supplies from Earth Day events across the country. Green Home estimates the campaign reached over 250 individual Earth Day events and supplied over 7 tons of biodegradable and compostable food service supplies to dozens of events, including the ones at Buckley Air Force Base, in Colorado, and the Brevard Zoo in Florida. This is in contrast to the mountains of food service waste generated annually, which according to the Foodservice & Packaging Institute, amounts to 100 billion disposable cups, 28 billion plates, and 40 billion pieces of plastic cutlery each year.
"The fact that we supplied such diverse groups, such as the air force base and a zoo, shows that anyone can go green," added Comras. "The good news is that compostable plates, cups and utensils are as good and cost about the same as their conventional counter parts. Now, we're making it easy to get them".
Green Home already offers its customers a huge variety of stylish and useful products, from organic cotton bedding, towels, and clothing, to a salad set made from reclaimed wood. And because Green Home certifies each product's environmental claims, shoppers can be sure that the products are not only attractive and high quality, but also meet rigorous environmental or green standards.
About Green Home
Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Green Home targets consumers interested in ecologically sound products and a healthy home environment. Green Home was founded in September 1998 and is a privately held company. Visit www.greenhome.com for more information.

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