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Greenhome Launches Web Resource For Environmentally Sound, Healthy Living

Flag Day, June 14, 2000, San Francisco, CA
Ever wonder where you can find non-toxic paints, or drain openers, or flea powders? Or where you can find an Adirondack chair made from recycled plastic milk jugs? Or green versions for the thousands of other household products we use every day? Green Home, the premier resource for these products, is open for business as of today. For the next three weeks, the company will be testing its systems and planning it's formal launch, set for Independence Day, the 4th of July.
Green Home is the first company committed to giving consumers both the knowledge and tools to environmentally upgrade their homes. It's also an environmental superstore, with everything green under one roof. "I just got so tired of not being able to find green products," says Lawrence Comras, founder and CEO of Green Home. "And when I did find them, they were usually not very good. My goal is to provide green products that are so functional, so affordable, and so stylish, consumers will want them not just because they're green, but also because they're cool."
Green Home screens products through a proprietary product approval process, using existing certification systems and its own in-house advisory board.
Green Home: Information Resource Center
The site is packed with useful information, including detailed articles written by some of the leading authors and experts in the areas of healthy living and environmentalism. An on-line walk-through of a showcase home informs consumers of safety factors to check. radon in the basement, water quality in the kitchen, safe paint and materials in all rooms.
Authors and lecturers such as Linda Mason Hunter (The Healthy Home) and Marc Mowrey (Not in Our Backyard) provide guidance and content for the Web site. A unique partnership with Natural Home, a high-style environmental living magazine with a circulation of 280,000, provides special coverage to Green Home.
Green Home Shopping
Green Home plans to offer the most comprehensive "green store" on the Web. Currently, the site offers products in more than 150 categories. Green services from electricity to wet cleaning (a green alternative to dry cleaning) can also be located by entering a zip code.
"People don't realize the wide range of environmental products out there. But now they will." says Comras.
About Green Home
Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Green Home is a privately-held company whose Web site targets consumers interested in ecologically sound products and a healthy home environment. The Web site can be accessed at www.greenhome.com.

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