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Green Business Security

Posted on January 28, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

When it comes to security, there are several alternative green options that are just as efficient as conventional ones which currently support pollution and waste.

Green Hacker Security

These days it is essential to hire an online security company to protect your small business computer system. The problem is that many of the energy sources from these huge servers are a significant drain on natural resources, threatening water conservation, clean air and global warming.

When shopping for or switching to an online security company ask if they support any alternative energy platforms to run their business. Whether solar or wind, hydro or hydrogen fuel, there are no more excuses why non-alternative would be a better choice.

Lock it Smart

Smart locks are taking over the security industry, reducing material waste and extra energy use. You may not think of keys as a problem but like any raw material they are a small part of excessive steel production.

By using smart locks you do not need a key or even a card to enter and exit, instead access is granted via computer or smart phone, speeding up production and increasing revenue. No more lost keys, broken doors or long gas guzzling drives to open a lock or handoff a key.

Work in Motion

Installing motion detectors can significantly cut back on wasted light energy. Rather than a light that burns for hours straight, a motion detector only illuminates when the security beam is breached. This saves energy as well as elongates the life of your light bulb. Many motion detectors are solar powered storing enough energy during the day to operate throughout the night.

Get an Umbrella

Most insurance companies offer full coverage which includes vehicles, property and damage. By bundling all of these under the same plan your financial security becomes a financial and environmental win. This is because it requires less office supplies, power and so many other intricacies which would most likely double if you had separate plans. If a security team is needed, ask if your insurance company provides and covers this part of your small business as well.

Utilize AI and VR

The future is practically on top of us as artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) permeate beyond gaming and into the medical, transportation and military sectors as well. When it comes to environmental benefits, these two technologies are poised to be the ruling factor on how you run your life, business and what carbon footprint you emit.

AI is currently taking over the home improvement industry with the smart home application by controlling temperature, lighting, and appliance usage. This is now being applied to small businesses and is showing a significant impact. Whether kitchen adjustments, bathroom water utilization or office space energy control, AI has taken the guesswork out of energy use, automatically saving resources and money. When it comes to small business security, AI offers real time audio alerts regarding intrusion, both physical or online and brings more user ease for smart lock applications as well.

VR is offering an opportunity for the small business and/or consumer user to enter worlds that are both engaging and educational showing front and center how global warming, pollution and lack of social consciousness is affecting our planet. This can be a consumer draw as it is capable of “wowing” customers while at the same time keeping them in your space.

VR is also being used to reduce small business ordering waste by allowing “virtual stock” to determine space allocation as well as reordering prompts. On the security platform, VR brings night vision as well as bird’s eye and around corner viewing. Add in drones to the mix and VR combined with AI can cover security for small businesses that include zoo layouts, large warehouses or farm spaces.

Loud and Clear

Any green addition to your small business is also an opportunity to alert your consumers or clients to how you are on-board with sustainable solutions. It has already been studied how a large subset that is rapidly turning mainstream embraces and supports green businesses, especially small businesses. By utilizing and advertising your green security system you are adding to your potential future business while helping save our planet at the same time.


Green business security is changing for the better. It offers environmental benefits as well as bottom line increase, consumer draw and peace of mind.

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