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Green Autumn Accents

Posted on October 11, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

This fall season is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at some various green home accessorizing. From clever crafts to carpet fresheners there are plenty of ways to spruce up your home without purchasing toxic, factory made items that will inevitably end up in your local landfill.

See if one or more of these green autumn accents may be fun to try on your own or with friends and family.

Candles in the Gourd

Fall offers a wide variety of colorful, interestingly shaped and textured gourds that look fantastic piled in a ceramic dish or on a counter top. Now, you can go one step further by creating candles in the gourd.

You’ll need a sharp knife, a drill with a spade drill bit attachment and some beeswax or soy candle tea lights. Making sure to be extra careful and using some help if need be, secure the gourd (a vice grip works great) and slice a thin layer off the bottom to make it sit stable. Then slice a small piece off the top and drill a hole with the spade bit, big enough to hold a teal light. That’s it!

Tree Stump Messages

It’s always fun to display fun or thoughtful messages around your home or property. A tree stump  message is a great way to use natural cuts of wood rather than a store bought, plastic creation. Fall is the perfect time to either cut down a dying tree or scavenge your neighborhood for freshly cut tree trunk pieces.

Simply sand down the side you want to message and drill a small hole on the bottom of the face of the other side to fit about a 3” dowel to allow it to lean and stand. If you want, drill a small hole in the top to hold a sprig with leaves.

On the message side cover with some non-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint. When it dries use another color or even a fat marker to write your message any way you want.

Perfect for ‘Welcome’, ‘Happy Thanksgiving’, or any positive word association like ‘Love,’ ‘Peace,’ or ‘Strength’.

Room Sense

There’s nothing like the smell of autumn and when it’s released throughout your home it can bring you feelings of warmth and good cheer. One great way to harness the authentic fragrance of this wonderful season is by making your own Eco-friendly room scents.

All you need are essential oils of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, ginger and orange found in most good health food stores. Simply mix about ten drops each into a bowl of distilled water, gently stir and transfer to a spray bottle to spritz anywhere throughout your home.

Rather than spend money on a disposable, chemical imposter plug-in or spray scent, these natural ingredients should last you all season long.

Fresh Herb Rack

Bring fresh, organic herbs to your fall dishes right at your fingertips. Save and clean three or four sauce or jelly mason jars. Find a piece of old wood big enough to hold these jars as they will be placed one above the other secured in a slightly turned position by circular pipe clamps (found in any hardware store) screwed into the wood.

Fill jars with soil or compost and seed with cilantro, basil, oregano and rosemary. Secure into pipe clamps and add a swipe of chalkboard paint under each jar, let dry and write in chalk the herb growing.

Hang the whole contraption in your kitchen for an easy to grab, fresh herb rack made from recycled wood, jars and compost.


These green autumn accents are a few of the many ideas you can use to keep this season around even if you don’t live in a four season location.

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