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Going Organic

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The organic movement is continually growing and becoming more of an affordable and available everyday option for mainstream consumers. It is also an industry that adheres to strict protocols when it comes to environmental impacts requiring more responsibility for maintaining clean water, air and soil.

The importance of buying organic foods, fabrics, beauty products and so much more follows a circular sustainability platform that makes more sense for consumers, businesses and most of all, for your planet.

Stop the Accumulation

Once the Industrial Revolution and modernized manufacturing took over virtually every aspect of production, eventually speed and convenience trumped quality and safety. Fast forward about four centuries and humans have been duped by misleading package info, synthetic shortcuts and hidden toxins in a majority of products. Over this time period, a variety of chemicals have slowly been absorbed into the evolving DNA of generation after generation.

As a result of increasing pathological incidences beyond normal standards, many researchers began to study the health effects of manipulated, chemically laden, synthetic foods and products.

In a study published in Environmental Health (2017) titled ‘Human health implications of organic food and organic agriculture: a comprehensive review’ it was concluded that,

“Epidemiological studies have reported adverse effects of certain pesticides on children’s cognitive development at current levels of exposure...Recent reviews of neurodevelopmental effects of organophosphate insecticides in humans conclude that exposure during pregnancy is likely have negative effects on children’s neurodevelopment”

Use organic products and stop the accumulation of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides and many more chemicals derived from non-organic foods and products. Over time these chemicals will affect the future of your health and that of subsequent generations continuing a cycle of illness and reliance on conventional medicine.

Benefits of Organic Foods

Shopping for food can be daunting as you peruse through flashy packaging and hard to pronounce ingredients that may have you thinking they are safe and natural. However, if it doesn’t say 100% organic or USDA Organic chances are you are buying something that includes one kind of a toxin or another. Organic foods reduce this threat exponentially.

Time magazine reported that,

“A 2014 meta-analysis in the British Journal of Nutrition found that organically grown crops were not only less likely to contain detectable levels of pesticides, but because of differences in fertilization techniques, they were also 48% less likely to test positive for cadmium, a toxic heavy metal that accumulates in the liver and kidneys.”

Some benefits of switching to organic foods include:

  • Organic food contains fewer hormones and pesticides than conventional food
  • Organic production helps conserve and protect water
  • Organic agriculture reduces carbon dioxide and helps slow climate change
  • Organic farming helps combat serious land problems, such as soil erosion

Organic Fabrics

Slowly switching over to organic fabrics is another dual benefit when it comes to your health and environment. These are textiles produced through progressive and innovative manufacturing that start at social consciousness and end at the concerned consumer. The organic process takes water conservation, energy efficiency and environmental impacts into account offering full transparency from factory to shelf.

Some organic labels to look for when purchasing items such as bedding, clothing, and other textiles like curtains, drapes and rugs include:

  • The Organic Trade Association (OTA)
  • National Organic Program (NOP)
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

True Beauty

The amount of toxins documented in conventional beauty merchandise should be alarming enough to switch to organic products for cosmetics, shampoos, soaps and more.

Fast Company reported that,

According to Dianne Feinstein, a Democratic senator from California, who introduced the Personal Care Products Safety Act, a bill to strengthen regulation of ingredients in personal care products, “Our skin is our largest organ, and many ingredients contained in these products–whether it be lotion, shampoo, or deodorant–are quickly absorbed by the skin,”

Also, when people switched to organic beauty products, Patch reported that,

“A new study led by researchers at UC Berkeley and Clinica de Salud del Valle de Salinas demonstrates how even a short break from certain kinds of makeup, shampoos and lotions can lead to a significant drop in levels of hormone-disrupting chemicals in the body.”

Non-Toxic Cleaning

Organic products also include a wide array of non-toxic cleaning choices. Switching out your “under the sink poison center” and replacing it with powerful yet gentle organic all-purpose cleaners will benefit your health and the environment. Ingredients in these products are made up of organic citrus oils, organic biodegradable solvents, and non-corrosive organic solutions. In time, your home will shine just as it did when you used chemical cleaners but instead you get an authentic citrus scent rather than a synthetic one along with safety from dangerous VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).


Going organic is easy, smart, affordable and a message to others that you will no longer compromise health and environment by supporting Eco-unfriendly products.

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