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Go Eco-Camping

Posted on June 21, 2016 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

One place you can find Eco-friendly practices is at camping and hiking sites across the globe. More people are not only heading to the great outdoors but they are finally understanding what their “footprint” means.

Whether you are a novice tree hugger or swinging from the branches, take a gander at these Eco-camping innovation, tech and strategy improvements. Not only do these offer a more human/nature symbiotic existence, they could make your experience that much more meaningful, especially through the eyes of those around you.

Tree Suspensions

Why not do as mosquitos do and camp in a comfortable tree suspension. There are two designs worth noting and both are energy-efficient, lightweight shelters.

The first is called the Dewdrop Tent which looks like a giant raindrop hanging along a tree trunk. This cocoon, designed by a Dutch sculptor, was inspired by English activists who lived in trees to protest deforestation. They are made from natural canvas which boasts a resilient life and literally reduces a camper’s footprint as the ground is never suffocated below.

The second tent is the Luminair Tree Tent which is more advanced. It is constructed of recycled materials and offers renewable energy options. Trendhunter describes it as,

“...made of an aluminum and green ash static airframe that is suspended in the canopy via rigging. A waterproof cotton skin provides relief from the elements while a wool lining on the inside keeps you warm.”

Camping Car

If hanging from trees isn’t your thing you can travel in green luxury with the camping car. Run on solar energy this vehicle offers a variety of Eco-conscious, clean energy amenities. This technology is also being applied to mobile homes.

Urine Energy

Yup, you read that right. The Metalcell Portable Battery is charged by adding salt water (or salty pee) to react with magnesium plates which produce electrical volts in response. One salt water intake can charge a laptop.

Cork Quarters

It's called the Dideia Tree House, a tubular oasis to slumber instead of a flimsy tent. The best part is that it is made from one of the most sustainable materials on earth, cork. The Dideia will keep you remarkably warm at night and cool during the day plus it can collapse for storage and transport.

Vacation Eco-Shack

The Mudgee Permanent Camping Project is a survivor’s construction that looks crude but meshes into its surroundings, a truly effective Eco-conscious sustainable vacation shack. The Mudgee uses all kinds of alternative resources including rain catchment, reclaimed materials and foldable walls for easy mobility if needed.

Solar and Wind Turbine Tents

Now there are tents you can purchase that come with lightweight solar panels or a miniature wind turbine but right into the design. Set them up during the day and by night you have a full power unit that can accommodate any power needs you desire.


Once you choose your Eco-camping accommodations there are many Eco-gear choices you can add in. Here are a few:

  • Collapsable solar powered lanterns
  • Sun powered stoves
  • Upcycled sleeping bags made from recycled water bottles and post consumer waste
  • Vegan hiking boots
  • Compostable products such as utensils, cups, and plates
  • Eco-conscious sunscreens that won’t leach chemicals into your natural surroundings


Creating an Eco-friendly camping trip is easier than ever. This year step into the outdoors by using sustainable, recycled and other super green choices because responsibly enjoying the planet you are trying to save is essential.

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