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Getting Guru With It

Posted on July 7, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Innovation is one of our only rays of hope left to advance the green movement beyond “too little too late”. One of many efforts gaining traction is saving material from landfills. With the enormous amount of landfill trash piling up by the minute, innovation in recycling and reusing has made progress, but there’s a long way to go.

Recycle Across America reported that,

  • U.S. recycling levels are currently 21.4% (recent EPA funded Yale University Study)
  • ​When U.S. recycling levels reach 75% it will be the environmental and CO2 equivalent of removing 55 million cars from U.S. roads each year.
  • When U.S. recycling levels reach 75% it will generate 1.5 million new jobs in the U.S.

One company that has stepped up to take action to reduce
landfill waste is Green Guru Gear.

An Up-Cycle Win

As the manufacturing process of materials for outdoor gear production continues to decimate our air, water and soil, it seems ironic to use such products while enjoying the outdoors at the same time. Green Guru agreed and that is when its founders stepped off the privileged path of environmental irresponsibility and decided to do something about it.

Started by nature enthusiasts who wanted to create change in the cycling and outdoor gear industries, Green Guru found a way to do just that. Creating like-minded relationships with progressive companies such as Rei, Patagonia, Sea World, and organizations like Outward Bound, Green Guru developed a unique donation, up-cycle program that since opening for business in 2005, is still going strong today.

According to Davidson Lewis, president and founder of Green Guru,

“Honestly, we’re just trying to get people excited and inspired to participate in the Green Guru brand,...by donating waste materials and buying our products, consumers can be a part of the up-cycle process and help our environment by reusing materials that would otherwise end up in our landfills.”

Unique Ubiquity

One of the most successful parts of Green Guru is its ability to harvest materials at recycling stations. This involves partners who provide incentives to customers and community which might include a weekly donation box or a percentage off your purchase when you donate worn equipment. As a result, Green Guru has been able to gather old, used gear and revamp these materials into new gear giving them another life and possibly many more after that.

Donated materials include:

  • Bike tubes
  • Wetsuits
  • Billboard materials
  • Defective gear
  • Climbing rope
  • Banners
  • Camping tents

These donated goods are sent to the Green Guru warehouse in Boulder, Co. where they are cleaned, sorted out, and processed. These materials are then delivered only a few miles away to the Green Guru manufacturing facility where they are revamped into new, usable, recycled gear. This close proximity cuts down on unnecessary fossil fuel use, enables local employment and creates complete USA made products.

Green Guru Gear

Green Guru’s up-cycling system offers a variety of durable outdoor gear, cycling accessories and more. From bike beverage carriers, panniers and frame bags to backpacks, hats and keychains. Green Guru Gear delivers unique designs that impress beginners and veterans alike.

One testimonial from a California couple reads,

“My wife and I made a total of three trial rides with gear in one of your frame bags (the Upshift) and one of your seat bags (the Hauler). We were so impressed by the ease of use, versatility, stability, quality and cargo capacity that as soon as we get home today we are placing a duplicate order.”


Green Guru is B-Corp Certified (meets rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency) and has a Gold Level Status with the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program. By supporting this company and others like it you can continue reducing waste and strengthening your planet while enjoying sustainable products all at once, a win-win for sure.

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