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Fun Green Happy Halloween

Posted on October 18, 2017 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Although some may consider Halloween a religious holiday, it has long ago left the station of worship and since become an annual deposit into our rising landfills. The amount of plastic waste accumulated during the end of October is criminal. From rows and rows of poorly manufactured materials to the lack of social consciousness about candy production, this holiday has become environmentally ‘horror-ific’.

Switching to a plastic-free Halloween may help. Add in some clever ways to work around other Eco-unfriendly practices and you just may be able to turn this toxic holiday into a fun green Happy Halloween for all.

Spooky Scary Stats

Like any free-enterprise opportunity, Halloween perpetuates a slew of Eco-unfriendly products that saturate the market with cheap prices and low quality materials. USA Gain Again reports that an estimated 157 million Americans spend a whopping $6.9 billion on Halloween which inevitably generates upwards of 12 million tons of textile waste.

Whether it's reusable bags and totes to trick-or-treat with or dressing your baby and kids in non-toxic material costumes, you can lower such stats through these and many other personal and community changes.

Green Halloween Hacks

The commercialism of Halloween has sucked the blood from the ‘fun vein’ as parents must deal with expensive costumes that inevitably get tossed in the trash. Not to mention the child that has been duped into wearing what every other kid wants, some unoriginal mail ordered cartoon character or super hero cover-up. Factor in the piles of sugar that will poison them for weeks to come and you may want to leave the country in October.

These Halloween hacks may help you re-adjust your Halloween perspective while attempting to get your kids on board at the same time.

Community Costume Swap - Hold a parent meeting to propose a community costume swap. Everyone brings old costumes and reusable items to donate.

Thrift Shop Surprise - Scour your local thrift shops for fun costume options that no one else will have. From hats to belts and scarves to shoes it is the best picking ground for unique ideas that will certainly spark a creative result. Plus, it is reuse at its best which is a great Eco-friendly cycle to perpetuate.

Face Paint Protection - A study from 2009 by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found that many Halloween face paints contain low levels of lead and allergens, like nickel.

Make your own, non-toxic face paint using:

  • Skin lotion
  • Cornstarch
  • Food coloring (preferably from natural ingredients like beet juice and berries)

Time Your Haunting - If lights and lawn ghouls are your thing, unless you are using solar or LED lights, chances are you are wasting resources and money.

Attach an outdoor energy timer which will shut down your display after hours and is designed for inclement weather to stay safe.

Quit the Candy - That’s right, a no-candy Halloween.

Candy manufacturing often uses unsustainable palm oil which Nation Swell reports,

“...is cheap to ship and produce but is absolutely no good for the planet. Besides emitting tons of greenhouse gases, the burning of forests for palm oil plantations are a leading cause of deforestation, air pollution and destruction of wildlife and natural habitats in southeast Asia.”

Some recommended alternatives to candy giveaways are:

  • Polished stones
  • Temporary tattoos
  • Friendship bracelets
  • Appropriate reading
  • Non-toxic figurines
  • Recycled school supplies
  • Small green toys


For a fun green happy Halloween, try some of these ways to separate from plastic over-consumption. It is yet another way you can forge a path of Big Corp resistance and Eco-friendly assistance for young minds to emulate.

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