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Five Ways to Increase Home Value through Green Technology

Posted on November 8, 2013 by Jen Stinnett There have been 0 comments

Guest Post by Alexis Caffrey
Whether you’re planning to sell your home soon, or live in and love it for years to come, technological improvements can be good for your home’s value – and the environment. These improvements range from inexpensive to a sizeable investment.
However, if you strategize and make the most of the improvements your budget can handle, you’re bound to see a good return if you put your house on the market.
Instead of investing in large remodeling ventures to create a designer kitchen, you can choose to go with eco-friendly upgrades that will attract buyers with cost-saving benefits. Also with the chance to positively impact the environment with these green additions. Your buyers, their wallets and our planet will thank you.
Fix it up and increase your home’s value with these improvements:
1. Whole-house fan
Install a whole-house fan as an alternative to air conditioning and watch your electricity bill shrink. Air conditioners use large amounts of electricity in homes. But in the summer months, most families see their cooling benefits as a necessity.
Whole-house fans “use only one-tenth the electricity of air conditioners, saving you money.” That means you’ll immediately see a huge reduction in your electricity bill. You can also go with a powerful attic exhaust fan, which can save up to 30% on your cooling costs. If you’re planning to sell, this upgrade can be extremely attractive to homebuyers looking to save money and decrease environmental impact.
2. Programmable thermostat
Despite efficient fans, heating and cooling are a huge expense in any home. Most homeowners see spikes in their energy bills in the summer and winter months, when air conditioner and heat are usually on throughout the day and night, even when the family is away from the home or asleep.
A good way to cut down on wasteful heating and cooling is to invest in a programmable thermostat, which can save users about $150 per year. A programmable thermostat is easy to use and convenient because the devices can be set according to a homeowner’s schedule.
Programmable thermostats are a home addition potential homebuyers will be pleased with. The programmable thermostat can start to save users money right away, so homebuyers will see benefits as soon as they move in.
3. Fiber-optics
Depending on your location, one tech feature you should take advantage of is fiber optic internet. The availability of fiber-optic services is currently limited, so even residing in a serviceable area will be attractive. However, if your home has fiber-optic Internet installed, this can be a unique selling point. Today, 100% fiber-optic networks like Verizon FiOS or Google Fiber provide incredible Internet speeds that are becoming necessary for bandwidth intensive Internet use. Fiber lines dissipate a lot less energy that copper cable, without the excess materials: one strand of fiber glass can carry as much data as many thousands of copper cables.
If you live in an area that doesn’t have fiber TV/internet availability, you can still benefit from the green technologies that fiber provides. By installing fiber optic ceiling lights, you can cut the expense of energy-sucking light bulbs. Fiber optic lights don’t carry any electricity in their cables, which also means they don’t produce heat the same way light bulbs do.
4. Water-filtration system
Intrigue potential homebuyers and enjoy the effects of purified water yourself with a home water-filtration system. This easy addition increases your home’s value and provides your whole household with the benefits of clean water.
Bottled water is expensive and not environmentally friendly in the slightest. Those that want to “go green” will appreciate the presence of a water-filtration system that lets them ditch bottled water for good. The system purifies the water that already comes to your house so you can enjoy pure water straight from the tap.
Water-filtration systems are beneficial in other – and unexpected, ways, as well. You can show potential homebuyers how you’ve enjoyed healthier cooking, cleaner glasses and dishes and spot-free car washes with your filtration system. Also, your water-using appliances will work longer with the home’s purified water.
5. Tankless water heaters
Traditional water heaters keep about 50 gallons of hot water in the tank at all times, whether you use the water or not. That’s not doing you, or your utility bill any favors. Upgrade to a tankless model to save money, improve water efficiency and attract potential homebuyers with this technologically-savvy upgrade.
Tankless water heaters are smart because they only heat the water you need at the moment. They’ll run you between $750-$1,000 to buy and install. However, they’ll add value to your home and do more to interest potential buyers.
Water waste is a huge concern of those who would like to “go green.” Tankless water heaters improve your water’s efficiency. They’ll save you money on your monthly bill and provide your homebuyer with “an eco-friendly and cost-effective update” in their new home.

Alexis Caffrey is a freelance writer with a focus on technology, new media, and design. In a former life she was a graphic designer based out of New York, NY. She actively (some would say obsessively) follows entertainment news and pop culture. You can reach Alex via her email.

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