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Expand Your Brand: Small Business Green Marketing Giveaways

Posted on March 8, 2017 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Whether it is at a trade show, a holiday thank you or handed over to a lucky consumer, everyone likes a free giveaway. Yet so many of these are cheap breakable items that quickly end up in the trash which means more unnecessary landfill waste with your name on it.

Expand your brand with small business green marketing giveaways that ring true to not only your product but your support for the environment as well. Be proud of your logo and business name stamped on something that is biodegradable, recyclable or even compostable so your customers know you are on their side.

Tote Your Brand

Reusable bags and totes are excellent giveaways because, if you're lucky, a consumer will fill it with purchased product from your store. At a trade show, a green friendly giveaway bag will be filled with other trade show material but it will be your logo blazing as it’s toted around.

Look for bags made from recycled materials like rubber, organic cotton, or compostable sources like hemp or bagasse (sugar cane). Be sure to let your green support be known and advertise the material of your giveaway with an added note that will surely impress.

Plant It

Plant it for the planet and offer seedlings as a giveaway with your logo on its pot or holder. This is a great inexpensive item that, with an attached thank you note, can explain your green small business intentions.

Seed packets or even seed bombs (aka Seedballz- ready to sprout when simply tossed in any soil covered area) with your info printed on them are an excellent option when seedlings are not possible.

If you want, you can choose more elaborate plant giveaways like orchids or bonsai but either way, giving life is a compassionate way to expand your brand.

Green Hydration Statement

It's easy and cheap to slap your small business name on plastic bottled water but probably one of the biggest green faux pas moves to date. Show your consumers that you really walk the green walk by giving away water bottles made from stainless steel, bamboo or even reclaimed wood.

This is a serious giveaway as it is a usable keepsake that will be advertising your small business for a long time. Plus, it let's people know that you are opposed to the debilitating effects plastic bottled water has had on our environment.

Let There Be Light

Everybody loves candles but so many, especially those made for giveaways, are loaded with toxic ingredients that end up airborne volatile organic chemicals (VOC). In a way, giving a cheap candle as a giveaway is akin to saying you don’t give a darn about the earth or your customer’s health.

Instead, hand out Eco-friendly candles made from safe, natural sources such as beeswax, soy, and organic vegetable wax. It offers the perfect opportunity to not only display your small business logo but even add more pertinent info on a small card within the wrapper around the candle.

Don’t Forget the Kids

When there is a green giveaway for a child it can be a real home run. Not only does it shout your support for the environment and your appreciation of your consumer base but it touches hearts that will remember to return to your establishment.

Look into baby and kids options such as toys and games made from non-toxic materials; organic clothes and even unique green school supplies like recycled bike tube pen and pencil holders, a recycled plastic clipboard or staple free stapler. Of course your branding on these items will certainly catch an eye and a hopefully an inquiry about your company.


Depending on your small business product you can customize green giveaways in any way that fits your genre. All it takes is some clever out-of-the-conventional-box thinking and a true passion to convey your green support and the rewards could be worth it for all.

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