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Environmental Benefits Of A Sharing Society

Posted on August 30, 2016 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

With so much political angst going on at any given time it’s no wonder people have turned inward. Yet, the “every man for himself” attitude is probably more detrimental to society than most may think.

Believe it or not we can all work together beyond our political affiliation in a community known as a sharing society.

The Über Affect

Since Über transportation has taken over many urban and even some suburban centers it is as if a new invention has erupted. Recognizing that digital communication can tap into car service needs, other Über-esque ideas have taken form.

Now, there are apps to catch car share transport running designated routes throughout city grids. It is less expensive and more Eco-friendly than a private car.

Greenbiz reported that,

“A 2011 study from the University of California Transportation Center that estimated that every car sharing vehicle removes between 9 and 13 other vehicles from the road”.

In the years since this study, car sharing has skyrocketed creating another very good outlook for reducing fossil fuel consumption.

Hotel Footprint Reduction

Flying to a destination and staying in a hotel creates all sorts of environmental threats that include excessive waste of electricity, gasoline and water.

The sharing society includes a new model for those willing to rent or swap their home. Airbnb is the top home sharing company that is proving some impressive environmental results.

The Cleantech Group (CTG) conducted a study of the environmental impact of European and North American Airbnb stays.

  • Europe - In one year alone, Airbnb guests in Europe saved the equivalent of 1,100 Olympic-sized pools of water while avoiding the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 200,000 cars on European roads.
  • North America - In one year alone, Airbnb guests in North America saved the equivalent of 270 Olympic-sized pools of water while avoiding the greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 33,000 cars on North American roads.

On Line Community Boards

The digital world has enabled more significant impacts when it comes to selling or even giving away reusable items. Sites like Craigslist allows for what once may have been an item wasting away in someone’s basement to be utilized by someone who may have purchased that item new instead.

Economic professor Anders Fremstad of Colorado State University reports that,

“Although Americans discard about 40 million tons of durable goods each year, there is early evidence that Craigslist significantly decreased waste disposal as it expanded to more cities.”


Another successful sharing society model is the development of crowdfunding. This gives people the opportunity to invest in grass roots programs that may have otherwise been passed over by big business. It is a socially conscious platform that outwits special interest powers to be.

Quirky is a crowdfunding source that has partnered with General Electric to bring to the table many inventions that simply needed capital to get there. One such invention group is Wink products which among many applications include wireless devices such as,

“a smart window and door sensor, a sensor to detect water leaks, a monitor and remote control for garage doors, a smart HVAC controller and thermostat to remotely monitor temperature in the home and a smart switch for one-touch control over smart bulbs.” (Wharton School of Business)


These are only a few examples of the environmental benefits of sharing society. Slowly the days of the “me generation” are evaporating as more people are realizing how important it is to pull out of our disposable society and into more sustainable solutions.

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