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Eco-Friendly Designers Emerge

Posted on August 20, 2016 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

The world of fashion has been notoriously anti-green for decades. Amidst all the glitter and glamour of runway models and celebrity posing, it is the story behind each style that can often be tainted.

The ‘textile to design’ road can sometimes wreak of toxic environmental harvests, dyes, and inhumane factory production. As a result, more socially conscious consumers are demanding Eco-transparency, and in response, many fashion designers are incorporating green tactics into their innovative designs.


This design company which thrives on its flowing, comfortable creations has been stepping up its Eco-friendly production since 2013. This is when it was awarded the prestigious CFDA/Lexus Eco Fashion Challenge award bringing its sustainable practices to the forefront of  the fashion world.

SVILU describes its organic clothes as environmentally sensitive fabrics that combine a variety of sustainable materials such as:

  • Organic cotton - Improves groundwater, soil fertility, protects farmers from hazardous residue.
  • Tencel - This is a textile made from the pulp of eucalyptus trees. Production consists of a closed loop process in which non-toxic organic solvents are recycled with a recovery rate of 99.5% without bleach required. The tiny amount of remaining emissions are decomposed in biological purification plants.
  • Modal - Textile made from the pulp of Beech trees that is CO2 neutral.
  • Bemberg/Cupro - “Cupro is made from the linter of the cotton ball, which is annually renewable and thus avoids both forest and petroleum depletion.” (SVILU)
  • Digital Fabric Printing - This process reduces waste of ink, fabric, water and electricity.

Freedom of Animals

For the chic in you that loves a buttery soft leather, going with Freedom of Animals (FOA) non-faux looking faux leather can humanely fill that void.

Whether reduced, recycled, upcycled or recovered, this is a company offering a sustainable and cruelty-free luxury bag line capable of competing with animal sourced designs. In the hopes of driving business away from its unnecessary competitors, FOA uses unique combinations of:

  • Post-consumer polyurethane (no carcinogenic dioxins, no harsh chemicals)
  • Organic cotton
  • Recycled plastic water bottle lining
  • Recycled metal zippers
  • 70% less energy usage than other synthetic fabric manufacturers

A Peace Treaty

Eco-Friendly DesignersUtilizing local artisans that rely on local materials is the mission of the NYC jewelry company, A Peace Treaty.

By seeking out small enclaves of tribal and community designers all over the globe, less synthetic materials and environmental decimation are supported and more sustainable, low fossil fuel practices are encouraged.

A Peace Treaty describes itself,

“...as champions for slow fashion and preservationists of centuries-old techniques. We invite our customers to travel though our products, discover the unexpected, learn about different techniques and cultures, and share that story with others.”

Matt & Nat 

“Live beautifully” is the motto of Matt & Nat, one of the original leaders in luxury vegan wear (no animal products whatsoever). It is a company that is constantly pushing itself to make a better, sustainably high end wallet and passport holder, iPad sleeve, messenger and commuter bags or stylish men’s bag.

Matt & Nat explores emerging opportunities to use things like recycled nylons, 100% recycled plastic bottles, recycled bicycle tires, cardboard, rubber and cork.


When more Eco-friendly designers emerge, more mainstream designers take notice and follow suit. It’s changes in something as influential as the fashion industry that continues to snowball into a wider swath of green thinking.

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