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Eco-Friendly Autumn Action

Posted on September 17, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

When seasons change it is always a good idea to re-assess old and new ways to incorporate Eco-friendly habits. Some things are easy to remember but each year, as the green movement grows, more information and technology emerges to enhance sustainability even more. Take a gander at these Eco-friendly autumn actions to see if you are on track or can make a few changes to get on board.

Swap Meet

Old clothes, bags, school supplies and more need not go in the landfill just yet. Host or setup a neighborhood swap meet where people can bring their items to donate and choose any donated items they can use.

A swap meet is a great way to force yourself to purge your closets and drawers without having to over-consume to replace stuff. It is also the perfect fall, back-to-school get together where people can meet and enjoy the swap as a community. Plus, it can be revisited in the spring before the end of the year for a summer swap. It's a wonderful Eco-friendly tradition that can be done every year.

Go Non-Toxic Indoors

In many parts of the country, the fall brings cooler temperatures prompting the beginning of more indoor activity. This also brings germs inside making you more susceptible to illness. The fall is the best time to make the switch over to non-toxic cleaning supplies.

These are products that utilize the cleansing power of citrus, enzymes, oxygen and something called a ‘monomolecular shield’ to resist rapid re-soiling. Most include natural scents either from its own source or by adding various essential oils including cinnamon, lavender, and mint. Yes, these non-toxic cleaning supplies now clean just as well or even better than conventional chemical brands.

Home Improvement Strategies

As you begin to spend more time indoors, there are some easy home improvement strategies you can implement for fall season change.

  • Turn Down - Lower your water heater from 140 to 120 degrees. If you are still at the 140 setting you don’t need to be anymore because it has been shown that 120 is sufficient enough. For every ten degrees you lower it you can save three to six percent on your energy bill, plus elongate the life of the water heater.
  • Clean - Make sure your water heater as well as your other appliances are cleaned, re-filtered and running efficiently. Take the time to inspect them and do what you can so as not to waste energy.
  • Clear - Home vents are essential airways to maintain optimal indoor air flow both for temperature regulation and health. Check all areas that may be blocking air flow and clear them. This is not only a major safety recommendation but it optimizes more energy efficiency.
  • Cork - Plug up holes, drafts, wall a/c unit boxes, window frames and anything else you can think of to seal your home and keep heat in. Some people even recommend sealing off uninsulated ‘summer rooms’ by covering doors in taped up plastic. Every little bit helps.
  • Raise Up - Having a bedroom, especially a kid’s room, include a high bunk bed or loft utilizes home heat to the max. The lower a bed is to the floor the colder it will feel especially when heaters are normally set to lessen output during the evening.

Automotive Fall Action

Driving an electric car is the ultimate going green commitment but if you're not there yet there are ways to adjust your automotive habits for a lower carbon footprint. One way is to check your tire air pressure. As temperatures cool, tire pressure can drop which means less fuel efficiency.

Make sure your tires are inflated according to your car manual or sticker PSI (pounds per square inch) inside your driver door (where it latches). In addition, the fall is a good time to change your air filter as well as clean out your trunk. The summer affects your filter more as air debris is more volatile while less weight drag means less fossil fuels burned.


These Eco-friendly autumn action tips are some of many ways you can add to the accumulated efforts of green minded people, like you, all across the globe.

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