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Easy New Year Resolutions

Posted on December 29, 2017 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

You probably know that most New Year’s resolutions never make it to spring. However, if it is an easy fix that you can incorporate into your busy life, it usually lasts longer. When it comes to the planet, there is no better way to practice some simple adjustments for a green impact no matter how insignificant you may think it might seem.

These easy Eco-friendly New Year’s resolutions give some practical options to simply do your part without a lot of fuss. You can keep it at this level or use it to propel you deeper onto a green path that continues to support a clean environment for you as well as future generations.

Bottled Water Reversal

There is no reason to purchase, let alone produce, plastic bottled water anymore. By now most people are educated on the ravages this product is having on our oceans, land and even air quality. Not to mention the approximately twenty-million barrels of oil per year used to make these bottles. Yet, the greed machine continues produce bottled water taking advantage of an assumed uneducated public.

It is time to stand up to poor manufacturing; poisoning your planet and your body. Stopping your  consumption of bottled water and switching to a recycled steel, plastic, aluminum, glass or wood water bottle is a simple step you can take. Simply fill with clean water from an at-home filtration system or tap (many cities and states are proud of a clean, safe municipal water record) and take it wherever you go.

If carrying around a personal water bottle is out of the question, at least use them at home rather than fill your fridge with evil plastic waste. When on the road, look for more friendly packaging such as boxed water options or compostable bottles.

Paperless Towels

Another perverse depletion of natural resources is lumber used for the manufacturing of paper towels. Over fifteen billion pounds of these one-wipe wastes are found in landfills daily. Instead, using cotton cloths in place of paper towels saves trees and gets the job done at the same time.

Some argue that the water used to launder cotton cloths is a greater Eco-threat than felled trees which are replanted. However, the technological Eco-friendly upgrades to appliances such as washers and driers save more water and electricity than ever before. Add in non-toxic cleaning supplies and your cotton cloth replacements easily remedy the environmental atrocities of paper towel production.

Fix Phantom Power and Old Bulbs

Make this year your Eco-experiment by eliminating phantom power. Phantom power is the constant electrical drain on your home appliances even when they are shut off. The National Resource Defense Council put out this list in 2015 to give the homeowner an idea of the accumulated financial waste due to phantom power:

Annual cost of “phantom power”

  • Water recirculation pump - $93
  • Desktop computer - $49
  • TV - $38
  • Cable set-top box - $30
  • Audio receiver/stereo - $22
  • Printer - $11
  • Furnace - $8
  • Coffee maker - $6
  • Dryer - $4
  • GFCI outlets - $1 each

You can easily save money and energy by implementing simple home improvement fixes such as:

  • Installing smart power strips
  • Unplugging appliances until needed
  • Installing a digital power timer
  • Adjusting appliance settings such as shutting off power hogging “quick start” options

In addition, swapping out incandescent lightbulbs and replacing with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and/or light emitting diodes (LEDs) can also save money as well as reduce significant energy waste. The US Department of Energy estimates that, “green lightbulbs” can save upwards of 65%-80% energy usage as compared to incandescent bulbs.


Try these Eco-friendly New Year’s resolutions to start of your year with an Eco-bang. They are simple ways to save money and the planet all at once without you exerting yourself all that much. Then, when you realize how much extra energy you have you can join an activist association and travel the world fighting the good fight, or just go to work and be happy you're doing your part.


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