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Don’t Be Fooled by a Rising Economy

Posted on March 5, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

The current American administration wants you to believe its own fake news feed directly from the mouth of the President himself. Yet, time and again, scores of news outlets on both sides of the aisle warn otherwise. This cannot be more apparent with the smoke and mirrors of an alleged rising economy.

On paper, it surely looks as if the stock market and trickle down economics are successfully shining like a beacon of hope. A beacon the country has been yearning for and seems to have come, at least on the surface. The truth of the matter is that the ugly underbelly of what is rotting beneath this faux financial boon couldn’t be more damaging, particularly for your planet.

Don’t be fooled by a rising economy and here are some of many reasons why.


Many supporters of the President cheer each time he signs an executive order and holds it up as if he finished his coloring. These orders were, at first, simple ceremonial strokes of the pen that needed legislation to make whole. This legislation is now in play and it is duping the best of us.

For instance, the President has proposed de-regulation of Obama-era rules to take into concern climate change and sea level rising when building infrastructure.

The President himself said, according to the New York Times,

“It’s going to be a very streamlined process, and by the way, if it doesn’t meet environmental safeguards, we’re not going to approve it,”

However, many feel this may be another “dog and pony show” to appease Democrats. Many feel that this de-regulation threatens the planet through back channels that stop construction companies from following essential waste removal and other health and safety concerns.

Another de-regulation that, in the long run, will increase risk to property and lives is the rolling back of the Federal Flood Risk Management Standard in our coastal cities. The Obama-era rule gave three options when new projects were being built in flood zones:

  • Use available climate change science
  • Roads and railways be built two feet above the 100 year flood elevation standard with critical buildings such as hospitals adhere to an additional foot making it three feet higher
  • Follow infrastructure standards above and beyond to a 500 year flood plain

Wiping away these responsible, long-sighted safety protocols will save money in the short term but will certainly have future generations cleaning up a potentially catastrophic mess. The NYT reports on one of the President’s own criticizing the plan. Florida Republican representative, Carlos Curbelo commented,

“This executive order is not fiscally conservative, It’s irresponsible and it will lead to taxpayer dollars being wasted on projects that may not be built to endure the flooding we are already seeing and know is only going to get worse.”

Blind Support

Whether it is rising sea levels or oncoming droughts, the current administration is sending a message to Americans, “don’t worry about it now”.

This shortsighted approach is easy to embrace when lack of education, manipulated facts and all out brazen dialogue blur reality. Add in a robust economy and more people would rather put their head in the sand than shell out responsibly to save the future. This blind support easily wipes away any concern that while de-regulation improves the corporate bottom line, waste and other environmental threats are dumped in our water, land and soil.


As you may enjoy a small pittance derived from a pushed through tax plan or maybe slightly lower prices on energy, food, or textiles, do understand that a great storm looms on the horizon. Therefore, you can act accordingly with your vote while educating others on the dangers of these and many other reasons America’s fiscal health seems to be improving.

Don’t be fooled by a rising economy but instead stand up for the facts that are being called fake rather than the fake that is being called facts.


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