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Cool Meets Compostable

Posted on June 1, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Now that the green market has proven itself with designs identical to conventional brands, some room for creativity has emerged. When it comes to compostable products, one group has stepped up to the plate (literally).

Meet Wasara, the next gen paper product pioneers creating artistic, responsibly disposable eating surfaces never seen before in the green industry.

Compost at Home

Wasara is a single use tableware company that has developed highly unique plates, cups and bowls which can finally be used in home compost systems. These creations are 100% tree-free, made from sugar cane, bamboo, and reed pulp. They are sturdy enough to easily handle all foods including hot sauces and liquids. However, the best part of Wasara products is the design.

Simple, Cool, Green

This is no ordinary company that molds the same old circular paper plates covered in a toxic plastic sheen. Wasara has put some thought into the gently twisting and seemingly hand-crafted design of its paper tableware line.

When you first see a creation you immediately think of a sculptor spinning clay into what looks like an ocean wave stopped mid fall, large indented tree leaves, or bowls and cups that seem as if they belong on a museum display.

The whole concept revolves around supporting food while accentuating the cuisine at the same time following an Asian approach described by Wasara as,

“...the legacy of the Japanese aesthetic and values: traditional craftsmanship based on incomparable technical skill, one of the most refined food cultures in the world, and a spirit placing utmost importance on hospitality and courtesy to others.”

Think of Wasara designs as an artist’s canvas that actually wraps itself under as well as around the art. These unique creations are the recipient of the prestigious GOOD DESIGN award, presented by The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design.

It’s simple, cool, green the new direction when it comes to paper tableware and beyond.

Back to Earth

It is very refreshing to embrace a green product that has put just as much effort into a sustainably manufactured circle as well as its aesthetics. These plates, cups and bowls are guaranteed to rapidly decompose right back into the earth, just as they should.

Wasara describes the important technical traits of these products as being,

  • Fully biodegradable
  • Fully compostable (even in residential systems)
  • The definition of compostability under ASTM-D6400 certification
  • Decomposes into carbon dioxide, water, and inorganic compounds
  • Undergoes extensive decomposition
  • Loses its original form within 90 days
  • Leaves behind no toxic materials

Go Corporate

Although Wasara products are excellent for home use and home composting, they also make a big impression at business events, fundraisers and other organization functions.

Inevitably someone will comment on the free flow design able to “pop” any gustatory delight placed upon it. This is the perfect opportunity for starting a conversation about our current environmental health. How toxic plastic and harvested paper from trees are decimating the earth and how the host must be a higher thinker. A host that cares to make the Eco-friendly effort without compromising elegance. In turn, simply using Wasara products could enhance more business and/or customer/member loyalty.


When products like Wasara paper tableware emerge it gives you hope in a future of meshing art with everyday life while helping the environment at the same time. Maybe, as the green movement continues to steamroll ahead, there will be more companies that take Wasara’s lead.

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