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Bugs Be Gone Naturally

Posted on January 18, 2017 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Although we need them, it can drive some people crazy to see a bug in their home. Most will resort to toxic insecticides to drive away scurrying insects and rodents. However, if you want to decrease tiny creature visits to your home most likely from your yard and garden, you may want to try an eco-friendly approach before dousing your home with poison.

Accumulated Dangers

Chemical companies have often worked around the safety issue of residential and commercial bug removal and cleaning applications by citing studies that ensure safety upon initial use. Yet, the accumulated effects of being exposed to such products as in-home pesticides could be more dangerous than you may think.

According to a report by CNN,

“Researchers combined data from 16 earlier studies that had compared pesticide exposure between children who developed leukemia or lymphoma and those who did not...The researchers concluded that children who had been exposed to insecticides indoors were 47% more likely to have leukemia and 43% more likely to have lymphoma.”

Keep it Neat

Bugs search for food and if you if you do not keep your home clean and tidy you’re basically inviting them in. Non-toxic cleaning supplies would be your first defense against bugs as well as maintaining good health. This means utilizing products that contain ingredients which include citrus, active oxygen, probiotics and enzymes to get the job done as good as chemical choices. These natural ingredients offer a pleasant scent for you but may ward off insects that are repulsed by them.

Keep counters clean, cabinets shut, food packaging sealed and especially floors swept of crumbs and other food debris. Make sure your garbage is tightly sealed using waste bags that are compostable to avoid toxic volatile organic compounds that may off-gas from conventional bags. Plus, compostable products are the best choice when it comes to the environment so it's a win-win.

It is also recommended that continued vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets will reduce pest attraction. This is particularly helpful if you or someone in your home is health sensitive as it can keep pest attractors like mold, mildew, pollens and more at bay. Add in an air purifier for an indoor atmosphere that remains clean and fresh, not a place insects will want to frequent.

Shut Down Scent Trails

In addition to using natural ingredient non-toxic cleaning supplies, you can also incorporate ways to throw off scent trails. Scent trails are ‘markers’ that insects leave so other insects can follow them to the food. You can confuse this process and avoid nesting by sprinkling simple household items along back edges of your countertops, around your garbage, by door cracks and any other locations you think insects may be using to enter your home.

Try using:

  • Garlic powder
  • Coffee grounds
  • Vinegar
  • Mint leaves
  • Powdered cinnamon
  • Ground jalapeño

Keep in mind that these do not kill insects they just repel them. Also, if you have pets, be careful they do not eat some of these as they can be dangerous to ingest.

Natural Pest Control

Using natural pest control is similar to using non-toxic cleaning supplies as they contain a host of citrus as well as herbal ingredients. There is also diatomaceous earth, a natural powder substance safe for humans and pets but very sharp on a microscopic scale which kills insects as they walk through it.

However, there are other clever ways to kill insects before they takeover your living space. These include using predators around your home such as parasitic wasps, nematodes (worms), ladybug beetles and green lacewings. There are even electric pest repellents that emit an ultrasonic sound wave inaudible to human ears but drives pests, rodents and even larger animals like deer away.


Stay on top of your behind-the-scenes defense tactics when it comes to insects sauntering into your home. It will help with peace of mind as well as avoiding the screaming surprise of a ten-legged, hairy critter daring you to catch it.

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