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Brighten Your Life with Green Light Changes

Posted on November 5, 2017 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Mainstream consumers are beginning to understand and embrace Eco-friendly lighting options. Using new technology and readjusting your interior light pattern, varying wattage along with more sustainable lightbulb designs you could be doing yourself and those you live with, a huge favor.

Incorporating a home improvement, green lighting project may be able to save you money, help the environment and possibly improve your mental or physical state.

Bring Green Light to SAD

As each season transitions into different daylight patterns, sometimes it can affect your mood. Many people feel, “off” during spring or fall as the body attempts to adapt to exterior light changes. Some are affected so much by seasonal light change that there is a condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD which usually occurs during the winter months.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness,

“Seasonal affective disorder is depression that occurs during late fall and winter months, as darkness occurs earlier in the day. Symptoms include depression, lethargy, difficulty waking, and craving carbohydrates, which often leads to weight gain...For more than 20 years, clinicians have used bright light therapy to successfully treat seasonal affective disorder. Light therapy has far fewer side effects than medications and can provide relief within days.”

There are interior lamps, office lights and digital sources that may also affect your mental and sometimes even physical health, particularly your eyes.

Choosing green indoor light bulbs could help nominal SAD symptoms by increasing surrounding brightness and protecting eyes at the same time . For more extreme cases there are light boxes that one can sit in front of to absorb adequate with white or blue light rays to improve mood.

Light Makeover

It is often recommended to switch more Eco-friendly light bulbs but there are many other green factors you could incorporate as well.

40 or less - Sticking to 40 watts maintains a lighting level that is more amenable to the eyes while assisting with the need former light during seasonal changes. Going above 40 watts could overly stimulate the eyes along with anxiety or depressive levels.

LED - Energy efficient light emitting diode bulbs can last up to three times longer than CFL’s (compact fluorescent lightbulbs) plus they are less hot to the touch.

Kelvins - Lifehacker posts brightness levels of conventional lightbulbs which are measured in ‘kelvins’. This list can also apply to Eco-friendly bulbs showing how to change the light in your home to your advantage.

  • Soft White/Warm White (2700 Kelvin) -Best for bedrooms and living rooms; providing a traditional warm, cozy feel to them
  • Bright White/Cool White (4100 Kelvin) -Best in kitchens, bathrooms or garages; giving rooms a whiter, more energetic feel
  • Daylight (5000-6000 Kelvin) -Best in bathrooms, kitchens and basements; good for reading, intricate projects, or applying makeup—provides the greatest contrast among colors

Dimmers - Installing dimmers could help reduce light source wattage which results in less wear and tear of the light bulb. According to Ideal Electrical Lighting Data, “...dimmers now use a Triac Switch (triode alternating current switch).  So instead of diverting the current into a resistor, the resistor now cut the light circuit on and off to reduce the total amount of energy flowing through the circuit.”

Sensors - Smart home devices are becoming the rage and for good reason, they save energy. Installing light sensors in each room eliminates the need to even touch a switch as it detects when someone walks in the room and turns on the lights accordingly. When the occupant leaves the lights shut down. You can set these sensors any way you like to optimize available light while and not wasting one watt.


Brightening your life with green light changes is a definite win-win. It reduces strain on the eyes while increasing available light to lessen the effects of SAD. Plus, it saves money and energy, the best combination for excellent returns.

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