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BioBags: The Utmost in Compost

Posted on May 8, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

Green bag options are showing up all over the place. As the Eco-friendly movement continues to seep into mainstream consumerism, it is now easier than ever to find everything from reusable bags to compostable bags. Leading the pack is BioBag, an innovative company formed in the early 1990’s that was the first to use resin derived from plants, vegetable oils and compostable polymers, to create Eco-friendly bags, packaging and more.

The importance of BioBag and other innovative, Eco-friendly companies that have followed, is having the foresight to know that humans would certainly create plastic pollution. Therefore, the sentiment became, “If you can’t stop the problem then solve the problem and wait until they need you.”

So, now the time has come where we need products like BioBags to encourage composting and finally stop conventional plastic bag use once and for all.

The Importance of Compostable Products

The more manufactured products are derived from compostable materials, the more these products can be added to a composting cycle as opposed to the alternative which is, namely, pollution. There are two types of composting processes called anaerobic, non-oxygen influenced fermentation or putrefaction, and aerobic, natural oxygenated decomposition. BioBags will break down in both methods.

There are many benefits of compostable products such as bags, utensils, plates, cups, and bowls. BioBag describes the many advantages:

  • Improves soil condition and structure
  • Increases the soil’s ability to hold water
  • Support living organisms
  • Helps dissolves mineral forms of nutrients
  • Buffers soil from chemical imbalances
  • May provide biological control of certain pests
  • Helps return organic materials to the soil and keep them out of landfills and waterways

Along with the many compostable products available, BioBags are perfect for food scraps, animal waste, garbage liners, sandwich bags and so much more that can easily decompose back into the earth.

Responsible Convenience

Using a plastic bag for just about anything has become an unfortunate habit for many. Take a look inside most people’s car trunks and your bound to find a bunch of plastic bags. The problem is that these bags end up infiltrating not only our landfills but also our waterways and natural landscapes.

With a product like BioBag the materials used to make each bag easily decompose so it does not become a decades long danger. BioBags are certified compostable meaning they can be consumed by micro-organisms in an industrial setting and meet the testing specifications found in the ASTM D6400 (the industry’s gold standard for biodegradable or compostable attributes).

The Quick and Dirty Compost List

It is important to make sure you recycle the correct materials to produce the most fertile compost possible. Fresh compost looks like black soil full of nutrients, natural fertilizers and non-synthetic pesticides, that are short of guaranteed to enhance your garden.

BioBag offers this quick and dirty compost list of proper material to use. Refer to it when adding to your compost bin.

  • Fruit and vegetables left overs (stalks, seeds, peels, skins)
  • Breads, grains, rice, flour, cereal, pasta
  • Yard trimmings, wood chips, plants, flowers, leaves, straw, hay
  • Natural fibers (cotton, wool, linen)
  • Hair (human and animal)
  • Feathers
  • Herbivore manure
  • Coffee grounds and filters as well as tea leaves and bags (no staples)
  • Newsprint, paper, cardboard, paper plates, cups and napkins
  • Eggshells
  • Home compostable certified products like BioBag 3 & 13 gallon Food Scrap bags


Switching to BioBags for your daily needs is the responsible convenience more concerned citizens are choosing. It is a material you can feel safe using which, with your support, could change the plastic bag industry. These Eco-friendly plastics offer a more sustainable, viable option that encourages composting

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