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Benefits of Residential and Commercial Non-Toxic Cleaning

Posted on February 28, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

It is no surprise that the ingredients used in your conventional cleaning products are highly toxic. Yet, you’ve probably become so used to them that protecting yourself with a face mask when spraying something like glass cleaner seems preposterous. However, some studies suggest otherwise.

Consider switching to a safer, natural, non-toxic option. These formulas are just as effective as conventional brands, competing not only in performance but also in price. It is yet another way you can assist in supporting more green manufacturing while protecting the health of yourself and others at the same time.

In the Lab

Published in the peer reviewed journal, ‘Current Opinion in Allergy and Clinical Immunology’, one research study from the Centre for Research in Environmental Epidemiology (CREAL), Spain concluded that,

“Recent studies have strengthened the evidence of asthma and other adverse respiratory effects in cleaning workers. Similar effects are seen in other settings in which cleaning products are used such as healthcare professionals and homemakers. Both new-onset asthma and work-exacerbated asthma due to cleaning exposures may play a role. Exposure to cleaning sprays, chlorine bleach and other disinfectants may be particularly relevant.”

The benefits of residential and commercial non-toxic cleaning practices is advantageous for all. From business employees, to children and pets, reducing volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) has been proven an essential deterrent to potential, future health risks. Less illness, more productivity. Cleaning product VOC’s are capable of accumulating on and around your environment as well as inside your body.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reports that,

“Studies have found that levels of several organics [VOC’s] average 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outdoors. During and for several hours immediately after certain activities, levels may be 1,000 times [higher than] outdoor levels.”

Non-Toxic Cleaning Benefits

Whether it is kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, or laundry, the in-home benefits can be significant. Some benefits of using non-toxic cleaning products include,

  • Less asthma - Less irritants in the air often means less exasperation of conditions such as asthma, bronchitis and COPD.
  • Environmental Touch - Using non-toxic cleaning products supports manufacturing that reduces pollution in your water, air and soil by using more sustainable processes.
  • Safer Cleaning - No chemical burns, eye irritants or oral adverse effects. Green sharing community ‘Care’ reports that, “Green cleaners aren't corrosive and meet strict standards regarding inhalation toxicity, combustibility and skin absorption.”
  • Natural Air Quality - Less of the chemical smell you may have become used to as the smell of cleanliness. Instead, natural oils in non-toxic cleaners leave an “aromatherapy” scent of lingering peppermints, lavenders and lemons.

Commercial Cross Over

So it is all not so overwhelming, there are some steps that can be taken to gently initialize non-toxic cleaning changes particularly for hospital and janitorial attempts. These industries, and many others, must adhere to strict health protocols. With so many conventional cleaning products being linked to the above mentioned asthma symptoms and other breathing concerns, many protocols are currently in place for a green cleaning crossover.

Some benefits of hospitals, medical facilities, and cleaning companies that warrant such a change include:

  • Less waste - Many green cleaning products come in compostable or other recyclable packaging.
  • Conserves water - Non-toxic cleaning products need and use less water to get the job done
  • Energy savings - Most green disinfectants and deodorizers use less energy to manufacture.

The Guardian reported,

“While industry numbers don’t yet exist, Stephen Ashkin, executive director of The Green Cleaning Network, a non-profit working with corporations to green the cleaning industry, estimates that, based on his client research and surveys, 30% to 50% of corporations and institutions across the US, now clean their facilities with eco-friendly chemical cleaners or cleaners without chemicals at all.”

The best course of action for a green cleaning commercial crossover is to finish current conventional products while stocking up on green replacements. Start slow to make sure the products work well enough for your needs and then go from there. In due time you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Also, if possible, don’t forget to advertise to your consumers that you are doing your part to save the environment. It is greatly appreciated and often draws more business.


Whether you want to change your home atmosphere to a healthier environment, or own a  business and want a safer work space, the benefits of switching to residential and commercial non-toxic cleaning will be significant.

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