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Benefits of Cleaning Green

Posted on May 15, 2017 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

It may be of no surprise that chemical companies are thriving when it comes to the residential and commercial cleaning market. The products they produce are heavily toxic and for good reason, they are the only ones that work, until now. It used to be a necessary evil to utilize these noxious ingredients, adding synthetic scents of wintergreen, bubble gum and lemon to mask the chemical off-gassing. But now, the green cleaning movement has finally stepped into the mainstream arena working just as well or better than chemical cleaning agents without the toxic side effects.

In a report by Environmental Working Group and Regional Asthma Management and Prevention titled ‘Health and Environmental Benefits of Green Cleaning Products Protecting our Children, Teachers, School Workers, and the Environment’ it was found that,

“...school children and staff are unnecessarily exposed to chemicals commonly found in traditional cleaning products, chemicals that have been linked to asthma and other respiratory problems, cancer, reproductive and neurological harm, hormone disruption, water pollution, smog, and damage to the ozone layer.”

Now, a far cry from the “hippie” subculture that has been supporting Eco-friendly cleaning choices for decades, green cleaning products can be found in any supermarket across the nation.

Reduce Asthma Symptoms

It may not seem harmful to use a glass spray, bleach heavy floor cleaner or sweet smelling carpet powder but the accumulative effects can be detrimental.

The Environmental Working Group reported that, “A 2009 study led by Jonathan Bernstein, a physician and leading asthma and allergy researcher at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, measured worsening symptoms in asthmatic women after they had completed housecleaning tasks.”

Using non-toxic cleaning products that contain enzymes and citrus rather than toxic chemicals will not adversely affect the body’s respiratory system. Green cleaners do not use corrosive materials and adhere to strict standards which eliminate inhalation toxicity, combustibility and skin absorption.

Anti Anti-Bacterial

The anti-bacterial soap movement was another ploy by Big Corp to sell cleaning products based on fear. A scientific advisory panel from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration concluded that anti-bacterial soaps do not surpass regular soaps when it comes to killing germs or reducing the spread of infection. In fact, the anti-bacterial hysteria may be detrimental to your health according to the American Medical Association (AMA) which claims they could promote bacterial resistance.

Green cleaning products do not need synthetic anti-bacterial ingredients as they are naturally able to eliminate pathogens, plus there is no risk of reducing your resistance when using non-toxic health and beauty products.

Save Your Surroundings

In addition to supporting an Eco-friendly environment, another benefit of cleaning green is that you won’t dissolve and deteriorate your flooring, cabinets, painted walls and more. Conventional cleaning product chemicals can be so harsh that over time they strip your possessions of shine and protective coverings. This can especially be found in kitchen cleaning where cabinets are often made from high end woods and countertops from expensive stone.

Using green products that contain essential oils from sources such as citrus, ginger, mint and yuzu (A Korean citrus fruit), there is no worry of damaging your home.

It Makes Scents

Conventional cleaning products are infused with a variety of scents like bubble gum, watermelon and wintergreen making them smell more artificial than they already are. These scents not only smell unnatural they are added to mask what would otherwise be a barrage of such toxic smells you wouldn’t be able to use the product. If you are using such items as a conventional bathroom cleaning product, chances are you will be inhaling toxic fumes disguised as fruity or minty smells while brushing your teeth.

Green cleaning supplies offer authentic scents that not only assist in disinfecting and sanitizing your home but double as a natural aromatherapy experience that may actually lift your spirits.


Switch the traditional thinking your parents instilled when it comes to using toxic cleaning agents and instead, improve your planet and your health by using green cleaning products.

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