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American Dream 2.0 Screening

(May 19, 2004)
Red Vic Theater in San Francisco
1727 Haight St. SF, CA 94117 415.668.3994
$5 Matinee/ $7 Adults
A film by Jennifer Thompson, Kristin McGinn-Straub & Mark Woloschuk
Wed., May 19th 2pm, 7:15pm, 9:15pm
After evening screenings Q&A with filmmakers & cast
Thurs., May 20th 7:15pm
After evening screenings Q&A with filmmakers & cast
Thurs., May 20th 9:15pm After screening Q&A with cast &
San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly
This documentary film features:
Lawrence Axil Comras http://greenhome.com
Krista DeNio http://epiarts.org
Murali Krishna Devarakonda http://isn.org
"San Francisco Becomes Fastest-Shrinking City" declares Reuters in 2003. When the filmmakers started shooting American Dream 2.0 in 2000, they had no idea how hard and fast things were going to fall. American Dream 2.0 tells the story of an artist, an immigrant and an entrepreneur, each fighting to realize a dream in the face of instability. As the audience takes a personal journey with Krista, Murali and Axil, it is amazing to see how their stories intersect as their lives unfold. Faced with the uncertainty of the times, American Dream 2.0 is an inspiring film about perseverance and passion.(video:52m)
Of particular interest to the environmental community and those interested in sustainability is the story of Lawrence Axil Comras and his company, Greenhome.com. Greenhome.com didn't get funded in the Internet bubble, but somehow managed to hang on and grow organically while others fell.

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