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Advanced Composting Technology and Support

Posted on May 1, 2018 by Matt Tomasino There have been 0 comments

It seems as if the composting pendulum is swinging back in the right direction. Amongst early tribes and cultures, composting was a necessary practice for agricultural enhancement. Then, the modern industrial revolution arrived and convenience took over, prompting most people to avoid utilizing composting methods to grow their own food. As a result, composting became an ancient practice that no one was interested in anymore.

Composting is now a more viable option to the toxic, synthetic, chemically laden yard and garden products that, over time, have compromised environmental health. It is proof that the original concept of working with nature rather than trying to manipulate nature is always the best path to take. In addition, now is also a time of advanced composting technology and support making it easier than ever to join the millions who've embraced this essential, ecologically enhancing practice.

The Utmost Compost Tech

As composting begins to take momentum, like any rising product, free enterprise swoops in and takes advantage. Some companies are irresponsible and misleading but others have stepped up with some interesting tech savvy inventions for residential and, most importantly, large scale commercial composting setups.

These are just a few of the current composting units from the leading experts at Green Mountain Technologies:

  • Earth Cube - Neighborhood-scale composting system for food waste. Easy and affordable. Complete enclosure prevents animals and bugs from accessing the compost. Roof mounted bio-filter.
  • Aerated Static Pile - Above and below grade air piping allows for the aeration of compost made up of homogeneous materials. The automated system controls temperature, bio-filtration and removes odors.
  • Containerized Compost System - Composting takes place in controlled batches with airtight vessels (‘CompTainers') that can be moved and emptied by roll-off trucks. Modular system allowing for growth and complete control.

There is also, the GORE® cover system which, according to its manufacturer:

“Helps control the emission of odors and greenhouse gases. As a physical barrier, it is secured over compost piles and as waste decomposes, a fine film of condensation develops on the inside of the cover. Odors and other gaseous substances dissolve within this film and drop back into the pile, where bacteria continue to break them down.”

Before you know it, composting will be easier, cleaner and more convenient than ever before, both in-home and on a grand scale, creating less natural resource waste and a smaller carbon footprint.

Flower Power

Fresh cut flowers and flowering plants around any home displays a warm atmosphere full of life. It is a perfect way to incorporate nature into modern living, which some researchers have even found to be beneficial to human health. Yet, when these living gems wither and die most people discard them in the trash and never think twice. It turns out that decomposing flora offers some unique benefits to composting, particularly on a municipal scale due to its short maturation period.

Published in the journal Geology, Ecology, and Landscapes (Vol 2, 2018 - Iss 2), a study titled, ‘Application of rotary in-vessel composting and analytical hierarchy process for the selection of a suitable combination of flower waste’ concluded that,

“Flower waste composting using rotary drum produces stable, matured and nutrient-enriched compost within thirty days of the composting period. The bulking agent (sawdust and wheat bran) helped to maintain the prolonged thermophilic condition and also helped in for maintaining the moisture content.”

Be sure to add flower waste to your compost bin for an extra shot of flower power.

Compost Encouragement

Ohio State University conducted a study that followed composting and its effects on one local community in Costa Mesa, a Southern California city. 284 residents were researched in an area that was mandated to offer curbside recycling and compost pickup never before proposed.

The results, which were published in the journal, ‘Environment and Behavior’ as reported by Science Daily found that, “residents began to pay more attention to other environmentally sound practices, such as taking shorter showers.” Lead author Nicole Sintov, an assistant professor of behavior, decision making and sustainability at The Ohio State University commented,

“In our study, one pro-environment change appeared to lead to other benefits and that could be important to know as city leaders and others consider conservation projects,..."If we can figure out how to institute changes that would encourage people along the path of positive spillover, that would be really cool,”


As composting and continues to advance, it looks like there may be more hope for further Eco-friendly action by residents, government, municipalities and corporations. All it takes is one seed to grow and, it looks like, others will follow.

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